DimancheDrag : Queens Of The World VS Nos régions ont du talent

19 May 2019 17:30
→ 19 May 2019 23:30
Môôôôôsieur Jérémy aka Mamita, Les Petites Gouttes 'bistrot gourmand', WeFriendly, tout le Paris LGBT+, Culture LGBT+, Dragathon Paris
Les Petites Gouttes "bistrot gourmand"
12 esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, en face du 39 rue Pajol - Paris
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Mazette! Since you liked it, well we continue! Now every 15 days, we find you for "SundayDrag"!
Same spirit as the Dragathon, artists, beginners mix with talented guests, around a challenge and a game!
We propose to play, participate, take the stage or just applaud, every 15 days!

This week on the menu:
Sophistica Mistica
Karisma Karisma
Lady Orlando and Lady Vera

The evening takes place in two stages:
1- The drink Drag Sunday starts at 5:30 pm Small drops, good music and good cocktails on the terrace!
2- Followed by a drag show that mixes drags experienced and open scene from NewComers from 18:30. This is the theme is "QUEENZ OF ZE WORLD"! (If you want to participate in the open stage: contact the page Dragathon Paris!)
+ a surprise game around 18:30: we start again with the BIND TEST: come as a team! Who will accumulate the most shots offered?

Info: Paf die: you roll the die, 1 you play again, then from 1 to 6, it's the PAF!
+ KWEENS to tip the artists!
Catering possible on the spot. And it's good!