Dirty Dating : édition Saint-Valentin

14 Feb 2019 18:00
→ 15 Feb 2019 02:00
M'sieurs Dames
M'sieurs Dames
30 avenue Parmentier - Paris
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Valentine's Day is approaching, and with it her procession of desolate clichés to celebrate the love and joy of being two. A moment in the calendar that tends to singles a mirror to send them a message raw: to be alone that day, it's bad. Fortunately, the Ladies has thought of you. Because let's be objective: celibacy is not loneliness, it's availability!
Our bar of the meeting and the freedom thus profits from this date to launch its new monthly evening: DIRTY DATING. You get everything you need so that easy boys in search of love can live an evening of kitsch, marshmallow, and promise to get laid in the end.
On the menu, between 18h and 2h: a sexy Cupid will be available to carry your dirty messages to the one you have spotted among the guests, a blind-test to make two with the partner of your choice, shovels more or more less lustful and gifts of love to win. All in a musical atmosphere guaranteed 100% erotic and concocted by Sandy Night.
And beware, this evening is not exclusively for singles. If couples want to spend their Valentine's Day there to find the toy boy they've always dreamed of, that's DIRTY DATING too!