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26 Jan 2019 23:00
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Around The World, Voilaaa, Dis'Collection, à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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A real soundsystem that mixes DJs, Mcs, and live FX. Lyonnais Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart is a hyperactive producer who does not cling to a musical style or an alias. It has been found for over fifteen years on various labels in Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Detroit, Melbourne or London. In 2015, he unveiled VOILAAA, an Afro-disco project on the label Favorite Recordings. Groovy, his album "We told you" sounds like a hymn to the most beautiful years of disco, plunging back to the heart of the 1970s in Lagos or Abidjan. Voilaaa Sound System is the collective that surrounds it for multiform sets furious, afro, disco and moist, inspired by the spirit "Notting Hill".

After various collaborations on labels such as Born Bad, Sofrito, Heavenly Sweetness or Digger's Digest, Julien and Nicolas, passionate diggers and trend researchers decide together to create Digital Zandoli, compilation of sound explorations of other pieces of the Antilles.
From record to live, Digital Zandoli revives the prism of Caribbean dance music and is also exported to the tracks.

It's primarily a group of four friends driven by the same passion for music from around the world. Bahia, Robin Jo and Thomas operate with a clever blend of sweetness and energy. These explorers of groove and hot and spellbinding rhythms will embark on a musical world tour with their eclectic and solar selections.

Dis'Collection offers you to share their collection of records, to make you travel across countries and times. No limit of style, they play what they like and they like a lot of things.

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Hard Life
Make It Deep
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to madness paris
26 avenue Corentin Cariou / Paris 19
(At the entrance to La Villette Park, Cité des Sciences side)
Metro + Tram: Porte de la Villette, Corentin Cariou

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