Discoquette #7

14 Dec 2018 23:30
→ 15 Dec 2018 06:30
Aureb, Victoria Lachose, Discoquette, Ixpé, Gloria GayPierre, Rouge Mary, L'Officine 2.0
L'Officine 2.0
11 rue de la Grande Truanderie - Paris
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Meow. It's December, you are swept a big visual wave drag, moire colors and changing shapes. The forms, except those of your hands in heart, are also musical: a seventh edition with for the first time at the Discoquette a vocal DJ of Rouge Mary, emblematic voice of Hercules & Love Affairs.
A Victoria Lachose opening for a set with variable gay'ometry, between pop curves and housoid quadratures, and a fragment of Ixpé in addition.
Then we send the orders to Aureb: the master of the Apero Electronic and great finalist of the PWFM springboard will come to tease your ears of techno melodic and aerial.

Instant recreation instinct relaxation, keep the basement open: unlimited access to the depths of breathing, restorative, chill.

And of course our drag show in the heart of the night, presented by queens Clémence Trü, Gloria GayPierre and Victoria Lachose!

❤ From Disco With Love ❤ House Music & Disco Drag Show ❤

5 € before 00:30 - 10 € after. Cash at the entrance and CB at the bar. Cloakroom required for bags and coats!
Visuals Maxime Mondet

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