Discoquette #8

16 Feb 2019 23:30
→ 17 Feb 2019 06:00
Victoria Lachose, Discoquette, Ixpé, Gloria GayPierre, Puzupuzu, L'Officine 2.0, Dersee
L'Officine 2.0
11 rue de la Grande Truanderie - Paris
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The eight closed, the eighth wonder, the great debate and the great antics, that of épuzupuzailles and desire. With nagging loops colored with primitive rhythms, it's Puzupuzu from the collective Qui Embrouille Qui who will open fire. Dersee's close heels, we will walk through the night towards a stormy techno and cathartic.

The ring on the finger, the finger on the turntables, the resident duo Ixpe and Victoria Lachose finishes as usual the house and wedding pop sets and the sacred alliance Gloria GayPierre Clemence Tru Victoria Lachose will present her new flashes of gay-nies in a show always more unbridled.

Stable, eternal, unshakable, it's none other than the glitter stand. Because we know he makes you happy.

Disco ❤ House Music & Disco Drag Show ❤

PARTNERS: Heeboo / Kraze

5 € before 00:30 - 10 € after. Cash at the entrance and CB at the bar. Cloakroom required for bags and coats!
Visuals Maxime Mondet & Xavi Noguera