Discoquette #9

20 Apr 2019 23:30
→ 21 Apr 2019 06:00
IWB, Victoria Lachose, Discoquette, Ixpé, PWFM, Starks, Evnr, L'Officine 2.0, Protopapa, Charleeps, Jean Michel L'Eternel
L'Officine 2.0
11 rue de la Grande Truanderie - Paris
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Reconnect the stroboscopes, bring back the podium, reopen the pots of iettes-pa and revive the jubilation, two months without you it was too much. Discoquette is back in the backs and with his lot of felines, ringtones, feuleries. To start with the sweet pink pop and finally the sounds of tight house with the Siamese residents of the gang, Victoria Lachose & Ixpé. The latter will be accompanied by the wild Evnr for a b2b all claws out. And what other guys were invited?

Inspired by a good film by Tim Burton, Starks attacks the house and French touch classics of the '90s and' 00s with the eyes glittering with the desire to make his audience dance. Baptized with Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Alan Braxe, he claims the French vein with power and emotion.

The rest comes from Italy: the cream of the Milan underground eclectic and sharp. Resident of Le Cannibale club and musical director of Pride Square Milan, Protopapa is busy in fashion and luxury as well as in Berlin clubs and the queer scene of his city where he recently launched cabaret nights DRAMA.

Earthquake freshness created underground: the -1 of the club will be dedicated to the springboard of young DJs worn by the friends of PWFM. Infos and registration here >>> https://www.pwfm.fr/tremplin-discoquette-qui-gagnera-le-titre-de-mister-boule-a-facette/

You feel hot we know it, but wait because we announce between the meshes of the party a somewhat new show, with this thing of the vintage aged in oak barrel, a show where Victoria Lachose and Clémence Trü invite Catherine Pine O ' Black!

Just be a queen and join us :)

Disco ❤ House Music & Disco Drag Show ❤

PARTNERS: Kraze / PWFM / Beat to the air / Trax Magazine / Friction Magazine / Heeboo / Nightmess

5 € before 00:30 - 10 € after. Cash at the entrance and CB at the bar. Cloakroom required for bags and coats!
Visuals Maxime Mondet