Emmanuel Moire « Odyssée »

8 Nov 2019 20:00
→ 8 Nov 2019 21:50
Emmanuel Moire, Théâtre de Longjumeau, TSPROD.COM
Théâtre de Longjumeau
20 avenue du Général de Gaulle - Longjumeau
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A new man, a hero of himself, genuine and sincere, turned towards the light.
With "Odyssée", his fifth album, Emmanuel stands out as an author-composer-performer who has taken a step back, the height on the trials of life.

"Odyssey" is an epic, romantic and initiatory journey, told in 3 parts, like the different chapters of a book.
The call of adventure, initiation and return.
It tells the journey of the hero, the one who is in each of us.
She tells this absolute quest to go to where life makes sense.

"Odyssey" signs a powerful, raw, sensitive, deep cycle, a solar cycle that opens and adds to its intimate history after The Way (2013), and The Encounter (2015).