Erotic Tantra Massage - Massage Workshop

23 Jul 2019 10:00
→ 25 Jul 2019 19:00
Welserstraße 5-7 Seitenflügel, 3. OG - Berlin
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NOTE: There are 2-day tickets, as well as 3-day tickets available! Please check what will be the content of day 1, 2 and 3.

Erotic Tantra Massage - GAY-TANTRA Massage Workshop
The origins of Tantra go back to the second century A.D., Tantra massage to the 1990s. Since the release of the GAY-TANTRA Massage DVDs by Armin Heining in 2010 at the latest, Tantra massage has become widely known within the gay community in Germany and Europe.

In this workshop you will experience in giving and receiving the choreographies of touch created by Armin Heining. He teaches them to the participants of his GAY-TANTRA training to become a Tantra Masseur (certified). Take part and learn for yourself!

What you will learn
Day 1 & 2 [Tue, 23.07. - Wed, 24.07.2019]
The Erotic GAY-TANTRA Massage is a wonderful choreography of touch, energy and connectedness.

You will learn a ritual introduction which will help you and your massage partner to let go of everyday life and enter the tantric sphere.
An intensive massage of back and front, that inebriates and leads deeply into sensual experience, helps to release and deep relaxation.
Body-to-body contacts, playful and intensive touch does not leave out any part of the body.
Experts perform this massage in 90 minutes. We divide the choreographie into sections of 20 to 45 minutes.

Day 3 [Thu, 25.07.2019]
The GAY-TANTRA Genital Massage is healing and removes unconscious tension from your sexual centre, and expands the range of feelings.

You will learn step by step to touch the penis and to awake new and surprising sensations. Your ability to touch genital and scrotum sophisticatedly and to feel as a receiver increases. You get a taste about what it means to "meditate sexually".

Media that support your learning

GAY-TANTRA Film 'The Erotic Massage For Him' by Armin Heining (06-2010).
GAY-TANTRA Film 'Genital Massage' by Armin Heining (06-2010).

After complete registration you will receive GAY-TANTRA massage educational films as well as various other bonus material as download for free. Additionally books and DVDs can be bought during the workshop at the spot.

Organizational Details
The massage workshop takes place at "Gefühlsschule Rubeau", Welserstr. 5-7, 10777 Berlin. The bright and friendly rooms are located in a central and quiet area in Berlin-Schöneberg, not far from the Viktoria-Luise-Platz (U4).

The individual days usually start at 10 and usually end at 7 pm.

Sleeping in your own sleeping bag is possible for EUR 25 per night at our place and is also recommended because of group dynamic. Or you may stay at home or in a hotel.
Breakfast we will buy, prepare and have together at our venue. Lunch and dinner you can eat something small in our place, or we can also go out and have some food in restaurants close by.

Important notices
The massages will be carried out on higher intimate purpose and less medical appearance on the floor on mattresses. If you have knee or back problems you might want to bring with you or rent a massage table. Please let us know if you do so.

Participation fee
The fee for the 3-day GAY-TANTRA Massage Workshop amounts EUR 420.
The fee for the 2-day GAY-TANTRA Massage Workshop amounts EUR 360.

The following discounts are possible:
» (-10%) Early Bird Ticket: for your registration until 22.05.2019
» (-15%) Underemployed Ticket: for Students/Underemployed Persons

This fee covers all costs for the workshop hours and materials.