Escort Boy//Chéries-Chéris 2019

24 Nov 2019 18:10
→ 24 Nov 2019 20:00
Coming Out, Festival Chéries-Chéris - Paris
MK2 Beaubourg
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ESCORT BOY, by François Zabaleta

France. 2019. 60 '. Fiction. VF.

In revenge for his wife who deceives him, Thomas belongs for a few months to an agency escort boys. He is paid to spend evenings with strangers. Keep them company Talk to them. Listen to them. Accompany them to the theater or in dinners. The meeting with Véronique, a fifty-one year old businesswoman, is going to upset her life forever.

The refined and singular sensitivity of François Zabaleta, a regular Chérie Cheris, is once again honored this year with this splendid and unclassifiable opus: a test-docu-fictional in black and white, consisting of photos, videos , poetic images, rocked by the haunting voices of its author and Beatrice Champanier. More romantic than usual, a work of great melancholy beauty, brilliantly written, dealing with desire, love, couple, aging, revenge and disillusionment.

In pre-program:
SOUVENIR ÉCRAN by François Zabaleta
Documentary. France. 2018. 16'30

A man thinks he recognizes in the street, forty years later, the one who sequestrated him when he was a child. Even though he knows he can not be the same man, he improvises himself as a detective and follows this stranger in the streets of Paris.

The screening will be followed by a meeting with director François Zabaleta.

Sunday 24 Nov. 18h10 >> MK2 Beaubourg

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