Exposition Métamorphose

21 Feb 2019 16:00
→ 21 Feb 2019 19:00
La Station LGBTI Alsace
La Station LGBTI Alsace
7 Rue des Écrivains - Strasbourg
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Coralie Lhote is a visual artist currently living in Strasbourg. She practices art in drawing, engraving, installation. Coralie Lhote studied art at the Ecole des Arts du Rhin, site of Mulhouse, graduated DNSEP (2015), also followed, during an exchange, a training in engraving at the National College of Art and Design of Dublin . She creates from her desire to manipulate and shape the forms, to collect them, especially the bodily forms that it is hers or the more imaginary of a body that wants to be varied, ambiguous and unstable. She assembles fragments by mixing organic and manufactured. She plays with the ambivalences, the signs of her identity, the forms of the genre, with the desire to share her experiences and questions with the spectator around the representation of oneself. She is however more interested in a relationship between body and surface, on what is visible and palpable.

Feel the trouble.
Sometimes I disappear.
Sometimes I find myself.

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Coralie Lhote and La Station - LGBTI Center Strasbourg - are pleased to invite you to the Metamorphosis exhibition. We hope to see you again during the opening on Friday 08/02> 19h. The exhibition will be visible from Tuesday, February 5 until Saturday, March 2, 2019.

Modeled fragments and sketched images of a constant metamorphosis. This exhibition is a form of proliferation, it is repeated and spread in the space of La Station. Any of his creations can be connected to another, and must be. Each piece is the object of a ritual of creation. A continuous production of a simulacrum of the living made of repetitive gestures, engraving, drawing, molded plaster. These fragments take, in use, anthropomorphic forms and contents. Matter makes the sketch of a body perceptible, lascivious and free. Ambiguity defeats the plot of it. The lines are troubled. The curves intersect. This intermingling reveals beyond indefinite forms in metamorphosis. A unique body made of an assemblage of genres. These works oscillate between a wise and confused appearance and a strongly carnal and subversive orientation. The lines are now far from the skin. It ripples. The intention is to venture into an ambiguous universe and to arouse curiosity.