FAQ! Pride; The Afropunk Ball

18 May 2019 12:00
De Markten Brussel
Oude Graanmarkt 5 - Brussels
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Standing in your blackness/identity with pride in all of it’s galore is already a form of punk. For this ball we wanna celebrate all of our people, with all of our people, with pride!
Since it’s Brussels Pride For All Queens has initiated Brussels first FAQ! Pride Festival and has invited Luscious Ebony & Zelda Fitzgerald to host the Afro Punk Ball.


FAQ! Pride Festival program:

●16.05 FAQ! Pride Kick Off
Radio tour -- Studio Brussel, Kiosk Radio, Red Light Radio

●17.05 FAQ! Pride Workshop + Viewing + Talk
FAQ! Pride; FAQTheWorkshops Deluxe Edition w/ Kevin Aviance
FAQ! Pride; The Colonization of Black Culture
FAQ! Pride; tlgbq+ Maricas Latinx proyecciones

●18. 05 FAQ! Pride; The Ball
FAQ! Pride; The Afropunk Ball

●18.05 Vogue Take Ovah
For All Queens! presents; Vogue Take Ovah™ w/ Κꓝꓓꓯ

●19.05 FAQ! Pride: Talk
FAQ! Pride; Queering Desi
FAQ! Pride; Queer is the New Vegan - The Category is Labels

No Ma’am, voguing was not created by Madonna. It all started in NYC, Harlem to be specific. Tracing back to 1869, the 'parade of the fairies' grew out to become a fullfledged international community of talent. Ballroom has been a space where black LGBTQ people could find refuge and recognition. A safe space for themselves where they could celebrate their sexuality, beauty, talent and craft.
That’s why we have decided to throw this daytime ball and celebrate, honor and remember our people. Because we are what? Proud!



1️⃣European Runway - 2 Trophies (FF & MF )
All American Runway - 1 Trophy

2️⃣Designer’s Delight - 1 Trophy

3️⃣Sex Siren - 2 Trophies (FF & MF)

4️⃣Body - 2 Trophies (FF & MF)

5️⃣Face - 2 Trophies (FF & MF)

6️⃣Realness - 2 Trophies (FF & BQ)

7️⃣Beginners Performance - 1 Trophy

8️⃣Pop, Dip & Spin - 1 Trophy

9️⃣New way - 1 Trophy

🔟Vogue Fem - 2 Trophy (FF & MF)

1️⃣1️⃣Shake That Ass - 1 Trophy

1️⃣2️⃣Team Lip Sync - 1 Trophy


Inspired by the fierce black models that are still posing and walking in the most iconic garments. Think Naomi, Adwoa, Beverly, Jourdan... Their success inspired many young kids to reach their fiercest modeling dreams.
Bring it to the runway in the most extraordinary, outstanding outfit! Make sure you’re on fleek and sell the whole look in your best possible way!
NO BASIC OUTFITS, THINK CREATIVE. (Futuristic, Space etc...)

2️⃣Designer's Delight
Patrick Kelly was the first American to be admitted to the ''Chambre syndicale du prêt-à-porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode''. Patrick Kelly was known for referencing his heritage and his race in his pieces. He loved using buttons because it reminded him of his youth in Mississippi.
Honor Patrick in your design by creating an outfit that screams BUTTON (S)

3️⃣Sex siren
You're the sexy protector of your African Village. Sell us sex and seduce us in a futuristic outfit with a traditional elements which will scream OPULENCE!

Today we're celebrating our complexions. Chocolate comes in all different flavors. Show us how tasty you are and celebrate what momma gave you. Bring it in a nude color the same as your complexion and some chocolate to spice it up.

The beautiful, gorgeous and talented Janealle released her debut album in 2010. Her album cover was inspired by the iconic movie 'Metropolis'. The picture shows her as a futuristic android. Serve us face in an OVAH afro-futuristic effect!

Many object/technologies that we use nowadays are invented by the Africans/Afro-Americans
Bring it in a scientific effect respecting the general rules of the type of realness that you walk (i.e. school boy/girl, executive etc.). Don’t forget that we want to see the futuristic twist (think of yourself as a scientist from the future)

7️⃣Beginners Performance
We all know Afropunk for it’s colorfullness and creativity. Co-founded by James Spooner it was inspired by his documentary called Afro-Punk. For this category we wanna see the colors of the (rebooted) pride flag represented in your look in a creative way.

8️⃣ Pop, Dip & Spin
From the Jaffa warrior wanting to take over the world to the loyal earth soldier.
Bring it in the uniform representing one of the sides Teal’c was part of. Don’t forget the golden sign on your forehead!

9️⃣New way
When you think of punk you don't often think of black people. However the Pioneers of Punk were three black kids from Detroit. They created Punk without even knowing it was Punk. Their band 'Death' is now called the prototype of Punk.
To honor and remember the pioneers, bring it in a punk look for this category. Spikey hair, leather jacket, and an anti everything mood.

🔟Vogue Fem
Storm, Black Panther, Lothar, Lion Man, Luke Cage… These few black characters inspired many of us!
Bring it in an effect of your favourite black comic character!

1️⃣1️⃣Shake That Ass
You already know how we rolled our eyes when we saw Miley Cyrus popularize that what we have been doing for decades.
Today we reclaim the twerk and take it back to BUBBLING.
Who is going to be the dance hall queen today? Bring it as Spice in her new video clip 'Romantic Mood'

1️⃣2️⃣Lip Sync as a Team
Alot of today's great songs were created and sang by black Diva's. For the first time we introduce the category 'Lip Sync As a Team'.

For your 10’s you can pick any song by any African/African-American artists. You will get the possibility to send us your song before the ball. More info on that later.

For your battles memorize the following songs.

destiny child -Bootyliscouis
Tlc- no scrubs
Salt and pepa -shoop

Don't worry you won't have to do the whole song. More info on that later.

Big thanks to;
Pawel a.k.a. Crystal garçon
Graciano a.k.a. Noa mizha
Nabil a.k.a Hayden garçon
Flyer design by: Joby 007

***Ballroom Gender + Sexuality Terminology***

Fem Queen (FQ)
Female of trans experience

Female Assigned female at birth

Butch Queen Up In Drag (BQID)
A gay male, temporarily presenting as female.

Female Figure (FF)
These are all femme presenting bodies. Including Butch Queen Up In Drags, Fem Queens and Cis Women

Butch Queen (BQ)
Gay male

Trans Man
Male of trans experience

Sometimes referred to as "male illusionists", are generally classified as masculine lesbians, but any female possessing manly appearance and mannerisms can qualify, regardless to sexual preference.

Male Figure
All male presenting bodies, including Trans Men, Butch Queens and Butches
Open To All (OTA)
Does not designate gender or persuasion