FOLLE De RAGE #1 – Sister Queen live

8 Dec 2018 23:55
→ 9 Dec 2018 06:00
Folle De Rage, DIEZE Warehouse - Montpellier
DIEZE Warehouse - Montpellier
188 avenue Marché Gare - Montpellier
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Saturday, December 8th - RARE FOLLY # 1 - SISTER QUEEN live


I feel so much Foooooooooolle of Raaaaaaaaaage the idea to invite you to this first event!

A pop event, free, staggered and colorful!

So I give you appointment on Saturday, December 8th in the great hall of the Dieze Warehouse completely reviewed in the colors of Pop Music for this appointment completely crazy!

★★★ SISTER QUEEN live ★★★

They made us dance, they made us sing, they are literally icons of the pop of the 90s!
Their hits LET ME BE DRAG QUEEN & SATURDAYS allowed them to dominate the charts in France for long months and even to cross the borders to perform internationally!
After years of absence the SISTER QUEEN do us the honor to meet on the occasion of the first RARE FOLLY for an EXCLUSIVE showcase where they will perform, among other things, their biggest hits live!


To also rhythm all this crazy night! The Mad of Rage will be presented by its creator: JULIEN DE BOMERANI!

Side DJs, the WARM UP will be provided by a guest ... You have all seen at least once but not yet heard in Montpellier: SURPRISE ... great blow hits from the 90s to today!

OLIVER OLSON, you will dance to the end of the night! Energy and communicative madness will be the key words of his colorful set!

And do not forget :

The RARE FOLLY is: pop, free, colorful, free, disguised, unique, singular, federative, joyful, party-minded, noisy, musical, crazy, crazy, made-up, showy, extravagant!

Meeting December 8th!

Mad Rage # 1 - Sister Queen Live
Dieze Warehouse - Montpellier
188 avenue du Marché Railway Station
34070 Montpellier
15 euros without conso / 00H / 6H
Accessible by tram line 3 "Restanques" stop or Amigo bus stop "Industrie"



And before the evening, the Mad Of Rage gives you RDV for its drink at LE COXX!

Saturday, December 8th: The aperitif of RARE! or Mellanie has prepared a pop sound set, colorful and happy, exclusively for the Mad Rage. <3

★★★ Hosted by Timothy Guerin ★★★

2 entries to win during the aperitif