FOLLE De RAGE #2 - New L5 live

16 Mar 2019 23:55
→ 17 Mar 2019 06:00
Folle De Rage, DIEZE Warehouse - Montpellier
DIEZE Warehouse - Montpellier
188 avenue Marché Gare - Montpellier
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Saturday, MARCH 16 - RAGE FOLLY # 2 - New L5 live


This first meeting of the Mad of Rage had been completely crazy! We come back for a second part with even more POP, even more LIVE, even more COLORS, even more GOOD MOOD!

So I give you appointment Saturday, March 16 in the great room of the Dieze Warehouse completely revised in the colors of Pop Music!

★★★ New L5 live ★★★

Yes yes, they are here! And more CRAZY than ever! <3
Created in 2001 by POPSTAR on M6! The L5 is a first album sold over 1.2 million copies! Their first and mythical single "All the women of your life" will be sold to him to 1.6 million copies! The L5, a real social phenomenon will remain until today the biggest French girl band!
Reformed since 2016 with Coralie, Marjorie and Alexandra, from the original group, and 2 new ones, Julie and Adeline, the New L5 are meeting their audience to perform their greatest hits!
They will be in exclusivity in Montpellier on Saturday, March 16th for the Mad of Rage!


It was in 2006 during his first outings that he discovered the fantastic world of drag and music in the famous nightclub "Villa Rouge" in Montpellier, where he will become Drag Resident for 6 years!
Performer fire, wader, alternative photo model, finalist of the contest Top Model Europe in 2015 .. It is over the years that he created a universe pop, colorful and festive! It is in parallel with all these artistic performances that he launches in the organization of evenings: "Flawless", "The Radiant", "Prohibition" and lately the "Mad of Rage"! Find it on the turntables of the Mad of Rage to make us sing, dance, scream, laugh!

★★★ ANDREI OLARIU (Paris) Set ★★★

Andrei Olariu is a wind of madness that blows on the dancefloor! Creator and DJ of the Pop Corn parties, he makes the show on the decks and in the hall! Resident of Lolita at Maxim's, he is also co-creator of the Gender F * in the sulphurous club of the Depot and the Aperitif Boys, the rendezvous of weekends. This year, Andrei leaves on the roads of France to distil his communicative good mood and his inimitable pop / house! So get ready, it's going to dance!

And do not forget :
The FOLLE DE RAGE is: pop, free, colorful, free, disguised, unique, singular, federative, joyous, party-girl, noisy, musical, crazy, crazy, made-up, showy, extravagant!

Appointment on Saturday, March 16th!

Mad of Rage # 2 - New L5 Live
Dieze Warehouse - Montpellier
188 avenue du Marché Railway Station
34070 Montpellier
18 euros without conso on the spot / 15 euros (excluding fees) in presale (limited number)
00H / 6H
Accessible by tram line 4 "Restanques" stop or Amigo bus stop "Industrie"



La Folle De Rage is also a week of festivities with 2 other unavoidable meetings!

THURSDAY 14/03: Open Stage PIMP MY QUEER # 6 Special Edition Crazy Rage organized by Support Your Local Girl Gang at the bar LE COXX

Joy, art, love, performances ... come and applaud the finest of queer Montpellier scene in a crazy atmosphere!

and SATURDAY 16/03 in the early evening at the Mas Campo for the appointment of Les Chérie Cherie, Les Chéris Chéries are crazy about Rage!

Also at the bar LE COXX for Saturday, March 16th: Before FDR Morgan Klein

Ideal for an early evening, between tapas, pop music, and good vibes before a night that looks long!