Festival Artistique Gang Of Witches

15 Jun 2019 20:00
→ 16 Jun 2019 23:00
Gang Of Witches, Pierre Laporte Communication, YOYO - Palais de Tokyo
YOYO - Palais de Tokyo
13 avenue du Président Wilson - Paris
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GANG OF WITCHES, feminist and environmentalist artistic gang, presents, on June 15 and 16, its festival, Patriarchy is burning. The third chapter of a cycle started in 2017, this year's event takes the form of a multidisciplinary festival at the YOYO, Palais de Tokyo, and gives pride of place to live performance.

The festival is accompanied by the release of an eponymous book and album.

For two days, Gang Of Witches brings together about fifteen artists, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, videographers, musicians, dancers, and performers. is preparing to send patriarchy to the stake.

Free entry
Vegan booth - on-site or take-away
Reserved for an informed public



>> JUNE 15 & 16 from 2pm

Gang Of Witches offers a selection of photographic works from "The Book", questioning the political field of sensitivity, the expression of intimacy and desire. Jouvet puts viewers in front of a community that builds its own subjectivity: queers, butch, kings, queens, females, trans, lesbians, bi, straight, gay.

SCARLETT COTEN: "Reimagining Masculinity" - Photography
The ambition of "Reimagining Masculinity" is to open a dialogue around notions of gender or masculine identity. This series also questions the place of the feminine gaze in art.

CIOU: Behind the Scene - Painting
Ciou pays tribute to outstanding women of the 19th century but forgotten by history, such as Mary Blair, who designed the Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney, or Katsushika Ōi, the daughter of Hokusai.

SUNNY BUICK: Learning to dance with the Maneaters - Painting
This work questions the patriarchal system and the place of women in society.

MINA MOND: The New Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Painting
"Sometimes when I look at the world I feel that we are at the entrance of a dark new age whose doors have been opened by the new horsemen of the Apocalypse.
I report on this contemporary history by mixing references to the past; both are always intimately linked. "

MIIKKA LOMMI: Patriarchy is burning - Stock video
This is the second clip that Mikka Lommi made for GOW, this time on the title "Patriarchy is burning", the anthem of this festival.

VIVIEN BERTIN: Crystal Titans - Photography
Extracted from a larger work on New York that was the subject of a book, this selection shows the icy and graphic beauty of Manhattan, whose human being has disappeared, engulfed in the belly of glass giants and concrete .

HIVELIN PAOLA: Witches spread like Fire - Sculpture.
This series of ex-votos is dedicated to women who have the courage to speak, to ask for justice, to refuse the established order, and to those who support them.

Arôm: The Pyre - Flower installation


>> JUNE 15th opening of the doors at 2 pm

-15h ÉMILIE JOUVET: My child, my battle, 35 years of struggle of homoparental families. Documentary film on the history of homosexuality in France through the GLPA, Association of Parents and future parents Gays and Lesbians. Released in 2019.
- Screening of the documentary followed by a debate with director.

-17h30 RÉBECCA CHAILLON - Performance

HYBRISTIKA replayed an ancient ritual of Greek antiquity consisting in exchanging clothes between boys and girls; the exchange of clothes symbolizing the entry into the Chaos era. This ritual of the festival works on the analogy between vital impetus and insurrectional momentum, in order to see to what gesture of creation this hybris, this excess of being, gives rise. To free the body from the norm, to emancipate it from an imposed reality in order to reinvent it, literally to exalt it, such is the Dionysian principle and the driving force of the project.

-20: 30 LOUIS (E) OF CITY - Made male. Striptease drag king

-21:00 GANG OF WITCHES: Live for the release of their first EP, "Patriarchy is burning"

-22h AMÉLIE POULAIN and his sailors: Tribute to Paris is Burning - Danse

-22h30 SON OF A PITCH: Dj set

>> JUNE 16 opening of the doors at 1 pm

-14h THE POWDER: Live Recording - Podcast

-16h SOPHIE ROKH: Ad Vitam æternam - Reading
In her dystopian serial novel, Sophie Rokh paints a portrait of a repressive and misogynistic society in which science has replaced god. The author discusses the themes of female power, gender decorrelated biological sex, ecological urgency and transhumanism.

-16h30 SUNNY BUICK: Interlude dada - Performance
Artbracadabra Sunny Buick has decided to leave the frame.

-17h SABRINE KASBAOUI: The Reconquest - Documentary
#payetonuterus Since 2014, with the release of women's voices on social networks, gynecological and obstetric violence has finally emerged as a major public health problem to consider in order to change the practices of carers with women.
- Screening of the documentary followed by a discussion with the director.

-20h30 FUNMILOLA FAGBAMILA - The Intersection, Woke Black Folk - Performance
This piece explores and deconstructs black political identity, highlighting the forms of conflict and ideological differences that exist within what can be understood as black radicalism. This poem calls into question the coherence and singularity of the "woke" political category, demonstrating the profound differences and divisions within Black communities and the mobilization of blacks.

-21h JULIE ATLAS MUZ & MAT FRASER: Performances
Ms Boo, the giant Penis Puppet & American Trilogy

On sale on site:
The book Mars - Patriarchy is burning: 180 €
The vinyl Gang of Witches: 20 €
Plan on the extra charge.

More info on: www.gangofwitches.com
Press contact: Pierre Laporte - Samira Chabri - Tiphaine Dupeyrat | 01 45 23 14 14 | info@pierre-laporte.com