Festival Punk Féministe et Queer

19 Mar 2019 19:00
→ 19 Mar 2019 23:30
Self-ish, Queer Week, Mains d'Œuvres
Mains d'Œuvres
1 rue Charles Garnier - Saint-Ouen
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PUNK IS NOT DEAD, they say ...

Yes but ... 🎸 Because the current punk rock scene is predominantly male, white and heterosexual. 🎸 Because there are times when the daughters-trans-girls' talents converge in limitless emulation, often far from official history. 🎸 Because punk and rock have just seen these adventurous scenes emerge and the amazing adventure of DIY (Do It Yourself) ...

Queer Week organizes a festival including a round table / debate around the place of women and trans-gays in rock and punk from yesterday to today: who are these famous Riot Grrrrls, what is it? what queercore and what has become of this protest spirit today? It will follow an open scene between girls dykes and trans under the sign of punk, rock and joy 🎉🎉🎉

📯 Program of the evening📯

> 19h-20h30: participatory round table with Manon Labry and Louise Barrière, Chloé Maréchal and Estel N'khaly. 🎤
> 21 - 23h30: Queer Week x Selfish, open stage for girls, trans people and non-binary people 🎸

🍺 Conference and discussion 🎤

The first part of the evening will take the form of a round table on the legacy of Riot Grrrls and Queercore today. It is meant to be an opportunity to share experiences with the audience as a spectator-ice-s and or as a musician.

A writer on the North American feminist punk subculture and a member of the garage rock band "No milk today", Manon Labry published in 2016 a stunning essay entitled "Riot Grrrls. Chronicle of a feminist punk revolution. She is the first guest of the QW for this round table. Louise Barrière, is our second guest: she is preparing a thesis entitled "Punk-feminist festivals in France and Germany since 2003: reception and development of Riot Grrrl culture in French and German punk scenes" at the University of Lorraine.

Two discussants will bring their lighting. Chloé Maréchal is a musician, music journalist at Rock & Folk, Barbi (e) turix and Hardies. Estel N'khaly is the author of "Punk save the queens. Women and feminism in punk music and literature in France, Great Britain and the United States ", research paper supported in 2017 at ENS Lyon. In particular, she communicated last October on the Slits "Typical Girls, Typical Punk" during a study day of the PIND (Punk Is Not Dead).

Writer of a thesis about Northern American punk feminist subculture and part of the garage rock band "No Milk Today", Manon Labry published in 2016 an essay called "Riot Grrrls. Chronicle of a feminist punk revolution. "(" Riot Grrls, Chronicle of a Punk Feminist Revolution ").
She is invited to a discussion about women and queers in rock music. It would be a great place to share experiences and knowledge. Chloé Maréchal, musical journalist and Estel N'khaly, ENS Lyon student will be there to facilitate.

😈 Open stage 🎸

For this March edition, Self-ish is partnering with Queer Week for a special format. Inspired by Punk's Do It Yourself, the open stage encourages artistic expression and self-organization. You do not have to be a virtuoso, you do not need a life of training, punk is for us and for all of you. For this edition, come play music, read a text, do what you want, around rock and its many sub-genres!

Self-ish is an open scene for girls, trans and non-binary people ( http://www.barbieturix.com/2018/05/15/self-ish-la-premiere-scene-ouverte-feministe/ ) launched in Paris in May 2016. Anyone can attend the open stage but the microphone is reserved for women and trans and non-binary people.
> Do you have a question? See our FAQ https://self-ishopenmic.org/qa
> Register in advance to get on stage on bit.ly/selfishopenmic or the same day from 19h30. Everyone has 5 minutes on stage!

This time, Self-ish gets together with the Queer Week for a special edition. Inspired by the "Do It Yourelf" punk motto, the open mic encourages artistic expression and self-organization. No need to be a virtuoso or to have a life-time experience, punk is for you. For this edition, come back and play some song, read some words or anything else, get inspired by rock and its loads of sub-genders.
Self-ish is a women, trans and non-binary open mic launched in Paris in May 2016. Why? Because it's about time we have a space of our own to express our-selves and share our stories.
Anyone is invited to attend but the mic is exclusively open to women, trans and non-binary folk.
If you have a question, see our Q & A https://self-ishopenmic.org/qa
Sign up beforehand to perform at http://bit.ly/selfishopenmic or on the night starting 7.30 pm. Everybody gets 5 minutes on stage!

📌 Practical info 📌

Address: 18 rue Etienne Dolet, 93400 Saint-Ouen. Metro Garibaldi (line 13) or Porte de Clignancourt (line 4).
Wheelchair accessible event
Free-price event (What you give will be used to finance the participants and their movements).
Conference in French
French and English speaking open stage

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.