Festival des Maudits Films - Soirée Grindhouse !

26 Jan 2019 20:00
→ 26 Jan 2019 23:55
Festival des Maudits Films, Versants Queer
Salle Juliet Berto
1, passage du Palais de Justice - Grenoble
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For our eleventh edition, Versants Queer all in glitter dresses.e you concocted a program with small onions! Exit the evening presentation / double-program / dodo salad tomato white sauce, this year we balance you very very heavy !! But shhh ... we do not tell you more ...;)

93 min

In Baltimore, Divine, a notorious criminal, tries to escape the
police looking for her. Consecrated "most filthy person" by
the local press, she lives under a pseudonym in a caravan with
his mother Edie - an obese woman obsessed with eggs and spending her days in underwear in a baby park - her delinquent son Crackers and voyeuristic friend Cotton. Desiring to retain her title, Divine will face the shenanigans of the Marble, a couple of fetishist criminals, jealous of her notoriety and ready to do anything to dethrone her in ignominy ...
Another revelation of "midnight movies" to close this edition, the
cult movie Pink Flamingos is an unidentified cinematographic object with bad taste perfectly assumed. Incest, zoophilia ... Everything goes: the no limit is permanent and this, until a last hallucinating sequence - carried out of the rest without special effects! Disturbing, disgusting, abject ... All the qualifiers were good at its release to designate this film, shot with the means of the edge by the well-named "Trash Pope" John Waters and his band of friends. An experience you will not escape unscathed!

94 min

Drop all your comic book heroes and join the only one,
the real, the incomparable Captain Orgazmo and support him in his
fight against the infamous Spermix Zero! Captain Orgazmo, is the hilarious story of a Mormon catapulted to the rank of star of the X ... Why? How? History with a big H will tell you ...
Trey Parker, director of Cannibal! The musical, Team America,
but also and especially co-creator South Park offers us here a
Voluntarily outrageous and kitsch work for the pleasure of all. A poetic comedy, deliciously uninhibited and jubilant, Captain Orgazmo is the assurance of a good laugh between friends!

Session in partnership with Versants Queer, Festival Vues d'en face, and the Ciné-Club de Grenoble

Entry: 12 €