Fils de Venus x Jeudi OK

5 Sep 2019 18:00
→ 6 Sep 2019 06:00
Jeudi OK, Fils de Vénus, Wanderlust Paris
Wanderlust Paris
32, Quai d'Austerlitz - Paris
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☀️🌈Sons of Venus and Thursday OK team up to make you discover sunny artists.
Come meet your love of return without leaving the banks of the Seine.
Terrace, club, mojito sun, crocodile buoys, everything is together for a beautiful sunshine.
Like a summer Thursday after summer 💛



Daughter to a Swedish mother and a French father, Shugi's roots spread between Paris, Montreal and Stockholm. Producing her first solo trip-hop EP in 2016 she is currently playing in clubs (Badaboum, Baths Showers, Le Petit Palace etc. ..), she is for private parties, (LVMH, Jade Jagger Jewelery etc.) she is also resident at Club Silencio, Rinse France and Deep Kulture (Scandle) radio.


- Pepiita DelaVega

Pepiita, DA of crazy Paris, goes behind the turntables for a set disco / housy / weirdo! Accustomed places that make dance (spent 4 years by Batofar and Concrete) she will make you move!


- Pauline Forte

Dj resident of the Venus parties for several years, and of which she is also one of the organizers, Pauline Forte wears oscillating sets between exciting house and powerful techno.
During her dynamic and incarnated mix, she wakes up without impulses our impulses of dance with which it is impossible to negotiate.
Pauline Forte articulates in each of her sets intensity and audacity, without fear of surprise and sweat.


- MegaWax

Born one stormy evening in a basement of the hall Papin, Megawax is the last thunderclap of this storm that caused the Sons of Venus 6 years ago, a crossfader beat. The tempo is mega-chanted, the watts are at the max, Megawax causes the shock on the dancefloor, a drive techno / trapcore travels clubs in which this duo rushes.


- Karl Die

Influenced by the oldtrance and the Belgian rave, DIE KLAR, a member of @belaircollectif and founder of La Darude parties, reinvents these underground styles by mixing them with contemporary club influences. He released in May 2018, his very first EP titled "Fatality" at BEL AIR Sounds


- Bøval

Resident DJ of the FIls collective of Venus Bøval first worked as a guitarist in a psychedelic rock band before embarking on experimental electronics in 2010 with his debut EP "Moonlanding". A cinematic electronica, with particular care given to textures and raw emotions. Free sets and committed, Bøval vogue of the acid techno to the sunny house through the trap or the zoukcore.


- S Club Squizza

Squizza, but who is it, but what is it? Squizza is a bit of miracles but tech version. This is a Youtube channel that is full of hyper kitsch sounds and delicious. Do not bother rushing to tap Squizza on your keyboard, because the channel has been disabled. To apparently be online today, but must search (we did not find ...). Church of Squizza, so it started with Charles and Nicolas frenzied digger mode of the chain to finally devote whole sets.


- Premenstrual syndrome

Between Stockholm and Stendhal, Premenstrual Syndrome. This bomb without delay will detonate the dancefloor of sounds EBM, New Beat, New Wave, and other industrial treats. From dig dig it bulimic and multidirectional to the deep breathing of a long ambient track, for the ride of the moment when the night comes.


- Gaspar ッ

Gaspar is a young Parisian dj and producer whose musical universe oscillates between American hip hop and electronic music more pointed. In 2011, he co-founded the Fils de Vénus collective and organized parties where he invited more than thirty artists in two years (Mamie's, Azf, Eliott Litrowski, Léonie Pernet, Piu Piu). Currently at the Beaux-Arts in Nantes, he continues his activities of organization and dj parallel to his artistic career. He will be releasing an official remix for Louise Roam's EP 'Raptus' very soon.


- Pastor Charles