Flash Cocotte

20 Jul 2019 23:30
→ 21 Jul 2019 06:30
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Paris burns?
Calling all the hotties, hot in front of hot behind, last little ride in daring neck on the track of the NF-34 before taking off for the summer break: this is the last Flash of the season!

And it is the divine Mama Snake who will put the fuego in the powders of the big fire. A figurehead of Danish techno, particularly known for her work alongside Courtesy on the Ectotherm label, Mama Snake has been a major contributor to the emergence and flourishing of a Danish scene now known for its originality. the example of Fast Forward Productions), centered around DIY post punk culture but mostly 140 BPM kicks. After a few performances last year at Dekmantel, Boiler Room and her Resident Advisor mix, she is now developing her own imprint with her new label Amniote Editions, which aims to reconcile the purists of techno with the nostalgic for 90's trance.

Come on. Make yourself sexxxplosive and muscular.

tickets: https://shotgun.live/tickets/289156