Folilol : le plateau humour follement inclusif

4 Mar 2020 19:00
→ 4 Mar 2020 23:59
Yohann Lavéant, Aude Alisque, à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.

À la Folie launches a brand new humor tray!
Aude Alisque and Yohann Lavéant invite talented and caring humorists / performers (but not foolish ...).

One Wo.Man show, stand up and surprises on the program!
Free entry: prepare your change for the hat if you laugh. And if you're not kidding, drown in the bling-bling of your pieces! CAPITALIST !!!

Sorry ... See you at 7:30 p.m. on March 4 at La Folie Paris!

With a great program!

❤️Tahnee, The Other: Tahnee grew up in the depths of Normandy, where mestizos ... it didn't run the streets! Hitherto discreet and shy, she returns today with humor to her difficulties in accepting her differences and presents Tahnee, "the other": the one who takes charge of her hair, her tastes, her desires ...

❤️Julie Dusserre: Julie Dusserre, young mischievous and sometimes awkward humorist tells you about her misadventures.

❤️Mahaut: Mahaut, journalist fed up with politics, obtained her baccalaureate with mention in inclusive writing, anti-grossophobia specialist. Since then, she haunts the streets of Paris in search of new dramas, because to be excessive is to have the courage of her desires. With her glittering cynicism, she will teach you how to live the life of a low cost castle. A manifesto of love, feminism and celebration, for all audiences, except children. Never children.

❤️HumourMan - Guilhem du Fayet: HumourMan is the only humorist in the universe to present himself as a superhero wearing a cape and a noodle necklace. Candid child raised to the codes of the web, he wields absurd humor and offers a very endearing character.

❤️Mademoiselle Go: Mademoiselle Go is rarely where you expect her, unless she is the one who has set the date. Young humorist, she will come to share with us her scouring look at a love story with a polecat!

❤️Dhyepha: Diva, Guru, Glamor, Singular / Plurie.le.s, good talk and slap on the buttocks, dressed in black but very colorful, imbued with his person in all humility. The Eternal.le.s Diva, answers the question "How to flourish the Knowledge in oneself by Respecting the Innocents" by starting from the most sublime of the examples, from the simplest materialization of the idea: Him.Elle.Eaux-itself .s.

Free entry

Parc de La Villette, Folie L2
Corentin Cariou Metro (line 7)
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou,
75019 Paris