Folles îcones, drôles de genres

1 Apr 2019 20:00
→ 1 Apr 2019 23:00
ALHAMBRA Paris, Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF, LaDiva Live
21 rue Yves Toudic - Paris
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Exceptional Gala on April 1st at ALHAMBRA:

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the LGBT Center Paris-ÎdF has invited the most beautiful flowers of our community, past and present. The hysterical and historical icons of Parisian Charlene Duval, Madame Raymonde, Quebec's Mado Lamotte of Montreal and LaDiva Live of Brussels will give a masterly lecture to the young heifers who came to challenge them: Ari De B, Soa De Muse, The Big Bertha and Louise From City. All will be sponsored by Bambi, served on silver platter by Martin Dust and set to music by Xavier Belin.

The benefits of this gala will be used to develop our actions of solidarity and to improve our reception area:

Faced with current challenges (new LGBTphobia, welcoming migrants, living with HIV, rising STIs, isolation and precariousness ...) the Center must be able to finance new effective actions for visibility, mutual aid and fulfillment LGBTQI + people.
Every day we receive people who are vulnerable because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity, young people, migrant people, seniors ... We want to offer them a more comfortable setting by installing new equipment (bar, furniture, lighting ...).