Friction Magazine : bad luck good lick

13 Sep 2019 20:00
→ 13 Sep 2019 23:55
Friction Magazine, Namoro
Espace B
16 rue Barbanègre - Paris
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Because we want to ward off fate after months of absence, because Friction, we are not afraid of annoyances, because the bad luck that we know, we decided to embark on a new format with an evening devoted almost exclusively to live. For the occasion, we invade the Space B of our bad waves by inviting a band of venerable girls.

👊 Lush Rush
5 girls who make punk, have chosen the name of their group in a cocktail recipe book and who composed their first songs inspired by the 7 deadly sins, even if it has deviated a little since ...

Duo of girls who love the party, the one where the sound meets the desire.
They sing their lyrics on electronic kicks that make you want to get up for a night or a life.

👊 Voracious Voracious
Species cyborg in nerves and bone out of his gestation to give birth in .txt and .img


🔥 Soraya Sabrina Abdellaoui and her poems
Soraya Sabrina Abdellaoui investigates sexuality, body and scripture through a variety of practices, mediums and "all intraconnected" professions
Her poetry is inspired by all her listenings, languages, stories, she is the impulse of her rage and all her transformations.

🔥 Rim Battal
Artist and poet, trained in journalism and photography at the Higher Institute of Information and Communication, Rim Battal proposes a new model of woman, love and body politic through the words, the performance and the visual arts. Born in Casablanca in 1987, she lives and works in Paris since 2013.

🔥Manel Layla
From hip-hop to electro, jazzy. From Berber magic (rather witchcraft ...) to rebellious texts, Manel Layla proposes a plane music in Darija (Algerian dialect). 💜✨🧚♀️✨💜
IG: @manel_layla

🔥 Lily Hook and her mystical talents
Lily Hook is a visual artist genderqueer the day and a virgo-witch at night. She has been quieting and decolonizing her practice of astrology in recent years and offers small sessions of astrospection. A free consultation to find out more about what your horoscope reveals about you and your patterns. Come early and check your birth hours before!

Space B
16 Barbanègre Street
Paris, 19

5 € in advance / 7 € on the spot

Artwork: Louise Aloupic //