Friction à l'arrache avant noël

21 Dec 2018 18:51
→ 22 Dec 2018 01:10
Omadis, Friction Magazine
43 Rue Doudeauville - Paris
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The end of the year is well under way, more reason to stick it.

As we approach the unpacking of over-consumption, we can do more of the combo "red and green" and that frankly apart for the smell of artificial Christmas tree and ugly pullovers, we can not wait to go to the month in January, we wanted to resist. To prove one exists by drinking tea or gins to fuck everything.
In a relaxed atmosphere of wax, come with your chosen family of small creepy kinky weirdy (but not too because it's small the place we chose)


✌🏼What you want to bring back to eat (we will have the upper room to nibble)
🙏🏼 Quiche contest
🎨An exhibition if we find an artist who wants to exhibit on the floor
😱 Musical atmosphere by the Team Friction: sometimes mainstream, sometimes pointed, everything to move your little ass
🤓Competition USB stick, there is nothing to gain

The team is tearing away
JPP Christmas