Friction te Karambole

16 Feb 2019 22:30
→ 17 Feb 2019 01:30
LA KARAMBOLE, Friction Magazine
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In February, Friction Karambole caresses your ears and thrills the soles of your feet.

Without Valentin.e, but with our DJ hotties, Mariøn and Rome / Lorem Ipsum, and the Friction team to warm you up heating. Get ready for a crazy b2b2b2b.


🎵 Rome / Lorem Ipsum 🎵
In 1994, he discovered Corona's "The Rhythm Of The Night" and decided to act as if he had not heard anything. In 1996: First night out, at the Joker, Pau (64). Not super convinced by the sequence "Alexandria Alexandra" / "Freed From Desire".
In 1997: he finally gets rid of the air of "Freed From Desire" that trotted in his head since all this time.
2007/2014: he thinks.
2014: Installs Traktor on his computer. Decides to continue advertising anyway because the fridge will not fill itself.
2018: Become one of the favorite DJs of the Friction team!

🎵 Mariøn 🎵
Plunging melodies and electro-haunting subtleties to energetic and deep techno rhythms Mariøn - also producer and organizer of La Klepto parties - has the gift of inflaming dancefloors with power and elegance.

🎵 Team Friction 🎵

🔥🔥🔥 MINI - STANDS 🔥🔥🔥

🍆 Zines & poetry 🍆
Din the zine
"Saint-Lazare, 18H" by Leslie Préel
Zines Friction, if there are any left!

Artwork: Benjamin Tubiana


10 rue Hégésippe Moreau
75018 Paris

Café - Bar - Restaurant - DJs on weekends

🚇: The Fork (13) or Place de Clichy (2 & 13)
🚍: Ganneron stop (54,74,81 + N15 & N51)
🚲: Bornes Pierre Ginier Clichy or Etienne Jodelle Saint Ouen