GG Golden Guinguette

26 Jul 2019 19:30
→ 27 Jul 2019 00:00
La Ruche, La Ruche Lyon
La Ruche
22 Rue Gentil - Lyon
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GG Golden Guinguette:

Originally located at the borders of Paris from the late nineteenth century until the 60s.

La Guinguette was the privileged place of the populace for the pleasure and consumption of cheap wine since at the time, there was a tax on wine; the grant as soon as it was consumed in the capital.

So as not to have to pay for it bars opened in the "suburbs" with the idea of creating a popular and accessible festival where you can dance, play and swim in the Marne.

Since the Lyonnais love good things, La Ruche offers you to plunge the space of an evening into the pleasures of yesteryear.

Vichy tablecloths, cocktails, idleness & Dj Set.

House atmosphere, casual and groovy.

See you for the second edition, Friday, July 26, from 19:30 with Bab '.

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The Beehive
22 Rue Gentil
69002 Lyon

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