GLAM Against The Machine #13 : I Wanna Be Your Dog

28 Sep 2019 22:00
→ 29 Sep 2019 03:45
GLAM Against the Machine
GLAM Against the Machine
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On September 28th, as long as there is drunkenness and warmth in your little bodies ... whether you are angels painted like geishas, girls with bare breasts, midnight demons, libidinous mutants. .ses, touch freaks, join us at Sonic to give flesh to fetishism !!!

GLAM celebrates the new season by celebrating the joys of latex, spandex, leather and lingerie and proclaiming love for all.

Four leather dolls will be ready to transform the Sonic into a clip of Frankie Goes to Hollywood: the hottie Nana Deon, the cyborg Acetona Versacheap, the chimera Spicychichi Chichi and the bitch Kiwie Kween.

Icon of Lyon Puppies, DJ Florian Moginski will close the ball turntables.

The welcome will be provided with class by puppies Wolf Junior and Shiroï Koinu and feline Ken Trophy and punkette Béatrice LaDalle, the libertine Maldoror Eniatnof de Sade, Master Claude and his dog Gluglu or Wax (Mister Puppy France 2018). They will make your wallets cry!

We remind you what the GLAM concept is:

Born from the complicity of two free electrons, Bühler and Frida Salo, fans of alternative music, indie cinema and LGBT culture, GLAM Against the Machine is defined as the monthly queer night not to be missed. Marrying different functions, the two friends are distinguished by their musical tastes. In Bühler, his vinyls, punk and glam rock; to Frida, his PC, Italo Disco and Acid House. GLAM is thought of as a safe space for people who consider themselves queer, LGBTQIAA +, allies, rebels, different, free in a colorful, decadent and eclectic atmosphere. The party is also the scene of drags and queer artists in search of stage. All happening at Sonic, well known barge to be a key location of the underground Lyon.

GLAM is also the big sound that BOOM! Whether you are punk.ette or BCBG, makeup.e like Nina Hagen or Monica Bellucci does not matter to us, as long as you find your account at GLAM.


22h-00h: bal cruising perpetrated by Frida Salo

00h-00h30: drag show: Nana Deon + Acetona Versacheap + Spicychichi Chichi + Kiwie Kween

00h30-2h15: Erotic warm up assured by Bühler

2h15-3h45: set puppys ball provided by
Florian Moginski (electro ...)

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Our hosts.sses Junior Wolf, Shiroï Koinu, Ken Trophy, Beatrice LaDalle, Maldoror Eniatnof de Sade, Master Claude and Gluglu and Wax will put you in the bath via their glamorous charm, their goddess aura of flirting and their particular pond movement. ..

PAF: Free price, advised 5 € (more if you taste us, less if you are broke)
Cloakroom (not required but highly recommended): 2 €

WARNING ! Expect money for the entrance, we do not have a TPE at the reception!

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To be sure not to hang around in the rain, snow or volcanic eruptions, a simple solution: COME EARLY !!!