GLAM Against the Machine #7 : Retour aux Sources

19 Jan 2019 23:00
→ 20 Jan 2019 03:45
Sonic Lyon, GLAM Against the Machine
GLAM Against the Machine
4, quai des Etroits - Lyon
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The Glam always comes back as wild, lascivious and decadent. We warn you, there will be no theme. And for good reason, Bühler returns to Soul Funk DNA Disco-Punk-Glam rock and Frida Salo will share his love for Italo-Disco, kitsch and sweet music to perfection.

On the stage, the drag shows will be performed by two performers already well established at GLAM including Brookline Saint-Hilaire (ass dancer on fire) and Ruby Lusion (Broadway Girl in heat) and two new creatures named Xersaeï Von Lear (baby -drag prodigious) and Dr. TRΔUMΔ (dynamic woman-manga), ready to mark the pantheon GLAM.

The welcome will be provided with class by the sensual Lagrande SySy, the socialite Alexia Carrington and the charismatic Ken Trophy. They will make your wallets cry!

We remind you what the GLAM concept is.

Born from the complicity of two free electrons, Maxime Bühler Antoine and Frida Salo, fans of alternative music, indie cinema and LGBT culture, GLAM Against the Machine is defined as the monthly queer night not to be missed. Marrying different functions, the two friends are distinguished by their musical tastes. Max, his vinyls, punk and glam rock; to Frida, his PC, Italo Disco and Acid House. The GLAM is thought of as a safe space for people who consider themselves queer, LGBTQIAA +, allies, rebels, different, free in a colorful, decadent and eclectic atmosphere. The party is also the scene of drags and queer artists looking for a scene such as Hippolyte, Mayr, Rivière, Cathy Milili, Le Farfadet, LePlacenta, Lilithium, Soho Kir Royale, Opal, Fleur Von Lear, Mistress Ruth, Ruby Lusion, Saint-Hilaire Brookline, Pursyphone, Le Chatelain, Ken Trophy, Jessie Phillis, Olek and Kleptä Schwarz. The whole thing happening at Sonic, a barge well known for being a key place in the Lyon underground.

To wait :

GLAM is also the big sound that BOOM! Whether you are punk.ette or BCBG, makeup.e like Nina Hagen or Monica Belluci does not matter to us, as long as you find your account at the GLAM.


23h - 00h: disco / punk / glam rock by DJ Bühler

00h-00h20: drag show: Xersaeï Von Lear + Dr

00h20-1h20: spaghetti disco from Milano provided by Frida Salo

1h20-1h40: drag show: Brookline Saint-Hilaire + Ruby Lusion

1:40 - 2: 40: Queers icons and other gems spaces forgotten by DJ Bühler

2: 40-3: 45: Italian orgy, Valerie Dore and other sweets by Frida Salo

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Our Hostesses Lagrande SySy, Alexia Carrington and Ken Trophy will put you in the bath via their glamorous charm, their goddess aura of flirtation and their particular pelvis movement ...

PAF: Free price, advised 2 € (more if you taste us, less if you are broke)
Cloakroom (not required but strongly recommended): 2 €

WARNING ! Expect money for the entrance, we do not have a TPE at the reception!

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So that the evening GLAM remains a space of love and joy that sticks, keep these few lines in mind:
- Racist, validistic, homophobic, phobic, transphobic, mysogynous, grossophobic, phallocratic, disrespectful and / or violent behaviors: DO NOT. We do not want it, we will not tolerate it: it is exclusion without warning.
- Consent is important! On the dancefloor, in the toilet, in your life: before touching, kissing or throwing against a wall the person in front of you, make sure he / she is ok for that!
- Are not you sure of someone you do not know? Best solution: do not worry!

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To be sure of not hanging around in the rain, snow or volcanic eruptions, a simple solution: COME EARLY !!!