Gang Bambi du Clergé - Casey Spooner - La Java

16 Mar 2019 23:59
→ 17 Mar 2019 06:00
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La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris
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After two full months of abstinence, Gang Bambi comes back to shake the cassock using sacred beats, saucy angelus and quantum electro! Arches riddled with techno relics, the crew is dedicated to making you commune hard-core way since its vice chapel: Java.

Biblical Electro, vulgar and profane Pop, Angelic Techno, canonizing performances and flamboyant guests !!

Casey Spooner, beloved icon of the electro-clash scene and a member of the legendary Fisherspooner, will enthrall Cardinal of the dancefloor. He will be revered by your favorite resident DJs who, like apostles of the stupid, will resurrect you in the devil of the party!

A procession of Drags, glam and blasphemous popesses, perform as children with hearts pinted to the wine of mass! They will be escorted for the first time by the first communicant Emily Tante.

The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgences will be there to lead by hand the sinners that you are and to confess your most "WTF" asses.
Finally, the collective Sexy SouciS will animate a magic altar to the glory of the consent, the pleasure of the flesh and the love !!

Special Guest
Casey Spooner

Gang Bamberz DJs
Bosco Black
Nannä Volta
Jean Remi
Loki Starfish

Gang Bamberz drags
Zhava-Kiki chicken
Alice Psycho
Clemence Tru
Bosco Black
Emily Tante

Stand and prevention
Sexy SouciS
The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence - Convent of Paris
Convent of Paname - The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence

Lady Carbon - performer


▸ 00H> 06H
▸ 8 € before 1H and in advance (+ fee)
▸ 10 € after 1H
FREE DRAGS ENTRY (Kings, Queens & Clubkids)

Partners: Heeboo, Tsugi Radio, Trax Magazine, Radio FG, Manifesto XXI, Friction Magazine, DICE.

Concerts & Club
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple
M ° Goncourt / Belleville

In application of the Reinforced Vigipirate Plan, access to La Java is strictly prohibited to any person presenting with a suitcase, a travel bag or a backpack larger than size A3. The security service may be required to take, without prior notice, any provision it deems useful.