Gang Bambi du Gazon + Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival - Le Klub

13 Sep 2019 23:55
→ 14 Sep 2019 06:00
Morphine Blaze, Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio, Le Klub, Smmmile - vegan pop festival, Nannä Volta, VATICAN SOUNDSYSTEM, Loki Starfish, Bosco Noire, Gang Bambi, Sexy SouciS, Bragi Pufferfish
Le Klub
14, rue St Denis - Paris
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Gang Bambi invites himself to the Smmmile Festival 2019 - Vegan & pop in "off the walls" mode to shake the stamens with green beats and electro-techno fodder! The crew settled for the occasion in this gynoeceum with the pleasures that is the Klub!

Electro verdurale, Gourmet and floral pop, Natural-techno fertilizers, Chlorophyll rich performances and guests with flaming petals !!!!

Sophie Morello, matronista alternacer pasture and the Parisian lawn, égrainera his tracks so fresh and peppered, while your favorite resident DJs will be in its furrows, making grow very strong in you the fiber of the party!

VATICAN SOUNDSYSTEM by Franky Gogo + VIKKEN will garden at 140 BPM! Dark herbs, Gerbes Acid, and EBM buds, on their metal machines, friends of the danger, they will live live a live dream and shivers!

On the performance side, Morphine Blaze, Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio and Bosco Noire, young Kings sprouts, & Queens and Gardeners emeritus, will not leave you heart-wrenching!

Finally, the collective Sexy SouciS will animate a garden with the colors of consent, pleasure and love !!

Special DJ Guest:
Sophie Morello

Special Live Guest

Gang Bamberz DJs
Bosco Black
Nannä Volta
Jean Remi
Loki Starfish

Gang Bamberz drags
Morphine Blaze
Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio
Bosco Black

Lady Carbon - performer

▸ 00H> 06H
▸ 8 € before 1H and in Presale.
▸ 10 € after 1H
FREE DRAGS ENTRY (Kings, Queens & Clubkids)
Presales via DICE:

Partners: Heeboo, Tsugi Radio, Trax Magazine, Radio FG, Manifesto XXI, Friction Magazine, PWFM

The Klub
14 Rue Saint-Denis,
75001 Paris
M ° Chatelet


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