Gang Coquette w/The Supermen Lovers à la Folie

19 Jan 2019 22:00
→ 20 Jan 2019 06:00
D.R.H, Victoria Lachose, Ponito Santo, Discoquette, Ixpé, Gloria GayPierre, PARIS by NIGHT, The Supermen Lovers, Nannä Volta, Loki Starfish, Bosco Noire, Gang Bambi, à la folie paris, Bragi Pufferfish
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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Gang Bambi + Discoquette = Gang Coquette

This teuf could have been called Gang Disco or even BambiQuette. Two hyper-active collectives of the Parisian night, merged into an alliance of crisp electro, melting drags, sparkling animations, the whole set up not a little or even a lot but A Folly.

A program loaded with that beautiful, that good:
DJ gangbamberz or even, greedy and uninhibited will produce ripples straight to your sequined bodies from 22h to 6H:
Ixpé, Victoria Lachose, Loki Starfish, Black Bosco, Jean Rémi and Nannä Volta will be accompanied by a special hero invited to make you enjoy the esgourdes and keep an eye on you: The Supermen lovers, undisputed master of groovy sounds and disco funk!

The resident drags of the Discoquettes will perform with Bosco Noire, hand in hand and all claws out, gathered for a tra-gay-die in one act in the heart of the night. And as the good news sometimes arrives by 8, you have also prepared high-level festivities upstairs, with a glittering stand by Leila and Eva, flash tatoos with Solène Laguepe, and festive prevention with Sexy SouciS, Fairies and sisters of perpetual indulgence.

Special Guest:
The Supermen Lovers

Dj sets
Nannä Volta
Loki Starfish
Victoria Lachose
Bosco Black
Jean Remi

Gloria GayPierre
Victoria Lachose
Bosco Black
Clemence Tru

Glitter Stands
Eva and Leila

Flash Tattoo
Solène laguèpe
Martin Wild

Sexy SouciS
Faeries Prevention stand

Radio FG, Tsugi Radio, Trax Magazine, Paris Techno, The ARTchemists, PWFM, Manifesto XXI, Friction Magazine ...

From 22h to 23h, it's FREE!
From 23h to 6h
Normal price: 12 € and 1 kiss
Price for drag queen and kids club: 6 € (and always 1 kiss)

8,50 € in presale on DICE

to the madness paris
26 Corentin Cariou Avenue
75019 PARIS
(At the entrance to La Villette Park, Cité des Sciences side)
Metro + Tram: Porte de la Villette, Corentin Cariou