Garçon Sauvage Club - Montpellier

2 Mar 2019 00:00
→ 2 Mar 2019 06:00
Plusbellelanuit, Garçon Sauvage
DIEZE Warehouse - Montpellier
188 avenue Marché Gare - Montpellier
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Sauvage Boy is exported to Montpellier, Dieze for its second edition on Saturday, March 02!

- 15 € early web (limited places)
- 18 € normal
- 20 € on site

On sale Saturday, February 9 at 12:00

→ Doctr, Caspian Pool, The Alone Man
→ 00:00 - 06:00

Freedom of tone, festive madness, iconoclastic artistic performances, liberated bodies, constantly changing meeting space, mixed audiences. Sensitive girls, gym-queens with bright red mouths, boys dolls on high heels, drag kings barded with leather, club kids, scandalous creatures, codes and genres are disguised in a festive madness. To be a Wild Boy is to be free.

His remixes and edits are as crazy as his sets of disco colorful and sparkling! Come see the doctor!

After an unlikely trip to Azerbaijan, Low Bird (vocals) and Jimmy Q (synths, guitars) plunge into the troubled waters of CASPIAN POOL. Strongly influenced by the French Touch and the techno 90's, the two French synth collectors are unleashing their contagious cold wave.
While awaiting the release of their first album produced by Julien Galner (Castle Marmont, Kiddy Smile), the group enchainent the remixes and collaborations with The Pirouttes, Chris Garneau, Them There (Phoebe Killdeer and Craig Walker) and Old Man Canyon. It's heavy we tell you!

»The Alone Man (Resident Plusbellelanuit)
Resident of the Evenings plusbellelanuit, this nyctalope is a romance for who looks at it. Digger of quality, dj chameleon, editor of genius, no scene resists him. It is by listening to his incredible sets with offset energy that the most beautiful backs stream. Allergic to the minimal, keen on indie dance, deep house through the nude disco his sets are just love.

≡ Image - Chantal Lanuit & Pôl Nawas
Make up artist - Margaux Mouchoux
Model Maxime Spohr

≡ Graphic Design

188 Avenue Market Station - 34000 Montpellier

Ⓣ Tram: Restanque L4
Ⓑ Bus: Lemasson L2
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