Garçon Sauvage: Doctr, dOP Live, L'homme Seul, Warum & Neskeh

25 Jan 2020 23:55
→ 26 Jan 2020 07:00
Rex Club Paris, Plusbellelanuit, Neskeh, Warum, dOP, Garçon Sauvage, Doctr
Rex Club Paris
5 boulevard Poissonnière, 2e - Paris
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An emblematic event of the Plusbellelanuit collective, Garçon Sauvage is much more than an evening. It is a meeting, a festive communion during which the bodies are released, and the beauties are revealed in their only truths of being.

Combining modern musical programming with iconoclastic artistic performances, Garçon Sauvage is transformed with each edition. In constant mutation, he draws his DNA from his transgender, queer, open and benevolent audience: sensitive girls with naked breasts, gym-queens with bright red mouths, boys dolls on high heels, Drag queen with red eyes, drag kings barded with leather, kids club, scandalous creatures, codes and genres disguise themselves in a festive madness. To be a Wild Boy is to be free.



dOP Live

The lonely man

Warum & Neskeh

Widow Clit
Lafrenesy Frenesy
Chantal Lanuit
Goldie tayl'or
Private in Public
Maria Monstrera
Pole Nawas

Before and Partnership

Ladies and gentlemen

Gender Fuck - Drag Show # 6

Ladies and gentlemen

C. The Night
Evgenii Lebedev model
MUA Grégoire J. Perret
Graphic design


11:55 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
ON SITE: € 20
SHOTGUN: 15 € (+ loc):
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