Groupe d'Ecoute et de Parole - REIMS

19 Sep 2020 15:00
→ 19 Sep 2020 18:00
Maison de la vie Associative - @AssoContactFR
122bis, rue du Barbâtre - Reims
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This exchange time is aimed at:
parents, families, spouses, friends who wish to share their questions or concerns, by meeting other parents, other relatives, who will help them open up to new perspectives, dialogue with lesbians, gays, bi and trans and learn about their backgrounds and concerns through their testimonies.
lesbians, gays, bi and trans (LGBT) people who wish to: discover how other parents, other relatives react in order to consider the best way to open up to their families and their friends, measure the difficulties they might face and know how to deal with them.
These exchange times are a space of respect and confidentiality. Everyone can share their concerns and / or listen to the reactions of others without judgment. They allow people to come out of isolation and can help move forward on the path to acceptance. Participation in these meetings can be ad hoc or renewed. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to move forward at their own pace, relying on the testimonies of other people who have already progressed in this process.
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