Groupe d'Ecoute et de Parole - Reims

21 Sep 2019 15:30
→ 21 Sep 2019 18:30
Association CONTACT Marne
Association CONTACT Marne
122bis, rue du Barbâtre - Reims
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It is in Reims that we propose an upcoming open meeting of meeting and dialogue.
This meeting is for parents, friends and families who learn the homosexuality of a loved one (child, parent, cousin, friend ...), who are helpless, troubled or disturbed by this discovery, and who do not know how react to this situation. But also parents who recognize the homosexuality of their child and seek dialogue with parents who share the same experience and who accepted the homosexuality of their child but hide it from other family members, their friends or their family. coworkers.
Finally this meeting is for all those who make up the family and want to help one of theirs.
Do not be shy, come, we will welcome you in a spirit of benevolence.

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