Groupe de parole et expression sur le thème de la santé

27 Oct 2020 19:00
→ 27 Oct 2020 21:00
MRAP Marseille - association de lutte contre le racisme, la discrimination
34 cours julien Maison méditerranéenne des droits de l'homme - Marseille
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/! \ the group will exceptionally take place one Tuesday per month in September / October / November /! \

The Transat association offers you a group of non-mixed trans / non-binary / questioning talk and expression, to reflect together on the following question: As a trans person, what relationship do you have with your health and with medical staff ?

The important thing in this support group, open to any trans person who wishes, is you, your feelings, your outlook, your link to health. Through the artistic medium that attracts you the most: photo, video, drawing, painting, writing etc., you will be able to think about how to express what you want on the subject of health and the relationship that as a trans person you have to the medical profession.
Eventually and if you wish, the group's creative work will be presented at an exhibition.

Because health is a personal matter, but also a political one. Your testimonies are rich in meaning. They must be heard and understood by society. Through exchanges of experience, in a non-mixed and non-judgmental framework, and an artistic production that can be collective or individual, let's make our words heard together!

To your agendas:
- Group of speech and expression every other Tuesday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Mediterranean House of Human Rights MRAP (34 cours Julien 13006 Marseille)!

Non-mixed trans event, free, free and open to any trans / non-binary and / or questioning person.
(For cisgender, non-transgender people, we organize other awareness events, please contact us!)