Habibi Love

12 Apr 2019 22:00
→ 13 Apr 2019 06:00
Shadi Khries, MVDV, DJ Cucurucho, KasbaH, Musiques du Monde à Paris, Wael Alkak وائل القاق, Paris fait la Fête, Wah Wah Prod., Le Bal Tropical de Paname, Groovalizacion Radio, La Java
La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris
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The Tropical Ball of Paname & World Music in Paris present
⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖ HABIBI LOVE ⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖⌖
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∲ SELL. 12 APRIL ∲ 22H-6H ∲ JAVA (Paris 10) ∲
∲ PAF: 5 € BEFORE 23H / 10 € AFTER ∲ RESA: https://ypl.me/avQ

⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃ ARTISTS ⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃⎃
WAEL ALKAK وائل القاق (Oriental Electro / Syria / Live set) ⏈
⏈ SHADI KHRIES (Dj Arabic Set Techno Sounds / Jordan) ⏈
⏈ KASBAH (Oriental & Global beats / Dj set / Algeria-France) ⏈
DJ CUCURUCHO (Arab sounds & Afro-electro)
GROOVALIZACION DJs (Oriental & Arab-beats) ⏈
⏈ MVDV (Maghreb fire / Dj Set / Morocco-France) ⏈

Habibi Love is a celebration of diversity and sharing inspired by popular music and culture from countries that have Arabic as a lingua franca (from Maghreb to Middle East) or Islam as the main religion (from Africa to Africa). West, to Turkey, Iran or Pakistan). Festive and convivial meeting around the popular and contemporary musics of these rich and diverse regions between organic sounds and new digital creations.

>>>>> LIVE SET

WAEL ALKAK وائل القاق (Live set / Oriental Electro / Syria) ⏁
A Syrian musician born in 1982, Wael Alkak composes electronic music that fuses genres and cultures. A graduate of the Damascus Higher Conservatory of Music in Syria, he is very interested in Syrian popular music, practicing bouzouki, percussion and keyboard before learning digital composition.
Wael Alkak presents on stage "Neshama" which he mixes with new electronic musical compositions, live improvisations and draws his repertoire in the popular folklore of the Levant countries (Chaâbi). A mixture of Arab and Western sounds, his music invites you to meet, dance and share. WOMEX 2018 selection.

>>>>> DJ SET

⏁ SHADI KHRIES (Dj Arabic Set Techno Sounds) ⏁
Percussionist, DJ and producer, Shadi KHRIES works in collaboration with the iconic Acid Arab since 2013. Close to Versatile records, Gilb'r's label he released in collaboration with him in 2017 the album of KING GHAZI that they could present together for the first time at the Nuits Sonores 2017. He also made the closing of RADIO NOVA's OFF Nuits sonores event this year in front of the Opéra de Lyon. Since 2016, he is also resident DJ at the ENDLOS collective in Germany (Feel Festival, Artlake). Inspired by the atmosphere of Wadi Rum, the desert of his home country Jordan, his Arabic Techno DJ sets are a mesmerizing mix of traditional Middle Eastern music and electronic sounds. Shadi is a true musician and often likes to add percussion in his djs sets, which makes his performances each time so unique. He is also the creator of the WADI RUM Festival, which takes place every year in the Jordan desert in collaboration with the bedouin of the desert. More information about this festival in this documentary directed by RADIO NOVA.

⏁ KASBAH (Oriental & Global beats / Dj set) ⏁
Nadir Moussaoui aka KasbaH is a producer based in Fontenay-sous-Bois. The name of his musical project comes from his Kabyle origins, and his attachment to other North African countries. The "Casbah", which means "citadel", is the refuge of all. This cultural mix gives his music a particular emotion.
The artist travels the countries with his recorder to capture sounds, testimonies and melodies. With the help of machines and instruments in live, he reconstructs a music between electronic beats and traditional melodies.
The music, both haunting and dancing, is a musical genre between dub meditation and medicinal techno.

DJ CUCURUCHO (Arab sounds & Afro-electro)
Co-founder of Radio Groovalizacion and based in Paris, nomadic sound specialist sono-tropical and improbable mergers between music afro, caribe, Latin, Arabic or Indian with global urban rhythms ... This real groove-trotter has shared evenings with international artists like Bomba Estereo, Seu Jorge, Balkan Beat Box, Salif Keita, Systema Solar, Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, The Yegros or Chicha Libre. Showcase at Womex 2013.

⏁ MVDV (Maghreb fire / Morocco-France) ⏁
A lover of groove, archeologist of pleasure, nuggets of nuggets, eclectic and curious, he is not a lesser thinker. Little Hall, Java, General Food, LA HALLE PAPIN or The Chinese, are all places that MVDV, under one name or another, has already experienced. Afrobeat? Futurejazz? To see, as long as the head moves, the heart is racing, and all are united for the better and for the better by the sacred bonds of good sound.

GROOVALIZACION DJs (Oriental & Arab-beats) ⏁
Groovalizacion is a collective of DJs, journalists and cultural activists from around the world whose podcasts and Dj sets highlight the latest global trends in urban music and explore their local roots from Africa to Latin America through the Arab World , the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. The collective and their web-radio was created in 2008 to promote cultural meetings and experimentation through global grooves. Welcome to the Groovalizacion era amigos !!

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105 rue du Faubourg du Temple
M ° Goncourt / Belleville

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