Happy Birthday Mister COX 23ANS

11 Dec 2018 19:00
→ 12 Dec 2018 02:00
15 rue des archives - Paris
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It's you who made the story, always coming to fill the bar in these 23 years that have passed too quickly. You who come to garnish his legendary open terrace where we meet after work, to end his week, to mark the end of the weekend. You who sometimes just go through it, you who stay long hours and do not see the time pass, you who do the closing some nights. You too, who choose to meet up with us to celebrate a personal event, a birthday, a reunion, to be together, simply. You faithful Parisian customers who are there for some almost every night, you passing customers who may become regulars, you occasional visitors who come from province or beyond the borders and we discover for the first time. THANK YOU ! ... Meeting on Tuesday, December 11th. Happy Birthday Mister COX!