Haut Perchés de Ducastel et Martineau - en avant-première

12 Jun 2019 20:30
→ 12 Jun 2019 22:30
Festival CinéPride, Epicentre Films
Katorza - Nantes
3 rue Corneille - Nantes
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UPPER PERCHES - Wednesday June 12 8:30 pm - Cinema Katorza in Nantes

Discover the new film by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, TOP PERCHES in the presence of the two directors.
The film is previewed as part of the Cinépride LGBT Festival
(released in theaters on August 21, 2019)

A woman and four men who barely know each other find themselves in an apartment in the sky above Paris. They have all been the victim of the same domineering pervert who is locked in a room. That night, they decided to finish it. In turn, they tell each other memories that bind them to this man and enter the room to confront him. But what happens between the monster and them remains their secret.

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