Horst Restaurant Club with Soumaya Phéline & Gay Haze DJ's

1 Aug 2020 18:00
→ 2 Aug 2020 01:00
Willem Elsschotstraat 15 - Vilvoorde
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Horst Restaurant Club.

An overgrown pond set in a military ruin, Mediterranean foodsharing and a variety of DJ-sets & performances. These three pillars define Horst’s Restaurant Club. In an open-roof warehouse we connect with each other. You will be left in the hands of charismatic masters of ceremony, who will infuse your dinner with friends into a playful and interactive evening.

Soumaya Phéline
Gay Haze DJ's - Fais Le Beau & Vieira
Sarah Caillard

Appetizer, main course and sweets. Served as a chef’s table, that’s foodsharing with your friends. Food is cooked by the local & talented BarBoufz. The standard menu is vegetarian or vegan. Meat lovers can buy a supplement.

At 22:00 the Club unfolds. Lights dim, sound rises and smoke fills the room. Performers move to the foreground of the venue.

Tickets cost ‎€49 per person and include your chef’s table dinner (€33), an overgrown pond set in the wild and a cultural program (€16). Drinks are not included.

Reservations are open for 2 to 10 people via bit.ly/RestaurantClub. Capacity for each night is limited.

The Restaurant Club is in a semi-outdoor venue, bring a sweater in case of colder summer nights.

18:00 - 20:00 → Arrival / Music: Start
20:00 - 21:00 → Dinner
21:00 - 22:00 → Dessert
00:30 → Drinks: Final round
00:45 → Music: End
01:00 → Horst Restaurant Club: Goodbye

ASIAT is easily reachable by (blue)bike, car and train from Brussels and Antwerp. It’s also serviced by Uber. Performances end at 23:30 which leaves you enough time to catch your last train home.

- Protect yourself and others, stay home if you feel sick or unwell.
- Wear a face mask at all times, unless you're at your table.
- Meet up beforehand and check-in when your bubble is complete.
- Dancing isn't allowed.

For tickets, more info, other Covid-19 measures and FAQ’s, head to our website horstartsandmusic.com.