House of Moda - Papillons de lumière

22 Feb 2019 23:55
→ 23 Feb 2019 06:00
House of Moda, à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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House of Moda - Butterflies of Light

After a House of Moda Eve that laid the foundation for a glittering 2019 year with 2000 clubbers come to party at the madness of Paris, House of Moda returns to the big red house La Villette Friday, February 22. Program: illuminate the night. This is the edition "Butterflies of light", the one where the spotlights, lights that move, strobes and garlands of loupiotes, it's you.

Crame and Reno, the two flashlights of the House of Moda, which turns eight at the beginning of the year, invited:

Lighthouse discreet whole sections of the electronic music for more than twenty years, the French installed in New York Joakim worked for the pop, for the experimental one, for the fashion, for the club, all with a crazy elegance. Between a thousand things and many lives, there are the Tigersushi and Crowdspacer labels, incandescent remixes for Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cut Copy or Robyn, the production of legendary bands like Poni Hoax and Zombie Zombie, albums that will never go out of fashion, the last one , The Studio Venezia Sessions, magnificent experience recorded at Villa Medicis, and DJ sets become rare, especially in Paris, to always be "on point".
Last live mix for the Nova Mix Club:

💡💡💡 The Corrine Man (Corrine - and co)
A complete and fascinating artist, The Man Inside Corrine is currently exploding as a cabaret artist on Madame Arthur's troupe. It's as a DJ, his second loves, an art he has been refining for over twenty years, as it is found at the House of Moda, as a total creature.

💡💡💡 Enza Fragola
Nobody was more appropriate to hoster this evening and embody this theme "Butterflies of Light" as the ultimate "crafty queen" Enza Fragola. Who knows what will happen for this edition that has already landed at the House of Moda, often without special invitation, cosmonaut in his rocket, Eiffel Tower, prehistoric woman riding a dinosaur?

💡💡💡 Cuntessa Pinkessa
Another performer welcomed, for the first time, the one that describes itself in a relevant way as "mi-Cicciolina, mi-Divine".

💡💡💡 Crame
Co-founder of House of Moda, artistic director of JJ, every Thursday at Java

💡💡💡 Reno The dj
Co-founder of House of Moda, clubbing programmer of the Klub.


House of Moda - Butterflies of Light
Friday 22 February 2019 - 0h-6h
Price: € 0 / € 5 / € 12

Normal rate: 12 €

Reduced price: € 5 for people who know that the party is more crazy with a look that kills and a theme.
Free: 0 € for people who eclipse the stars.
It is our physio Môôôôôsieur Jérémy aka Mamita who is judge for the reductions and the exemptions.

House of Moda:
ig: @houseofmodaparis
artwork: Erwan Coutellier

to madness paris:
26 avenue Corentin Cariou - Paris 19
in the park of Villette

Partners: Radio Nova, Heeboo, Friction Magazine, Manifesto XXI, Celebrate Clairs, Well Well Well, DICE