How To Love #6 : Aufnahme + Wiedergabe label night

15 Feb 2019 23:59
→ 16 Feb 2019 06:00
Schwefelgelb, Petit Bain, [aufnahme + wiedergabe], Philipp Strobel, How To Love, Codex Empire
Petit Bain
Petit Bain, 7 port de la Gare, 75013 Paris - Paris
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The love can also look like a dark Berlin club and we are very proud to welcome this evening of the German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, who by his radical aesthetic approach, has managed to release the techno, the ebm or the cold wave of their shackles and their circles of purists and allowed to bring the music "hard" on the dancefloors
Far too rare in the hall because more accustomed to huge clubs and warehouses, this evening will be an opportunity to enjoy Codex Empire & Schwefelgelb in privacy and in real life conditions, as well as djsets of the taulier Philipp Strobbel and the Parisian Panzer in opening


► Codex Empire

Although he appears as a newcomer on the contemporary techno scene, Makh Rumbae has been immersed in experimental electronic music for over 25 years, playing half of the Konstruktivist group and multiplying solo projects.
Combining its experience in electro-industrial with powerful rhythmic elements, Codex Empire offers an intense experience as well as dancing.

► Schwefelgelb

Schwefelgel is a duo of electronic body music Berlin. The powerfully physical aspect of their music is perfectly transcribed in their live performances, complemented by games of images and lights.

► Philipp Strobel

Boss of the label [aufnahme + wiedergabe] and also one of his DJs, his label produces artists with influences from another era, and most of the artists of the label are anchored in Berlin.

► Panzer

Co-creator of the late collective container alongside his brothers in arms BLNDR Warsaw Illnurse and Dims, Panzer is now devoting himself to his new project alongside Warsaw, BLNDR and Paulie Jan, Intervision, a very promising young label. Passionate about electronic music since a young age, his heart is now swinging for the dark and rhythmic techno, the music that accompanied his late return to the suburbs, in Noctilien.



How to Love?

There are six editions that Petit Bain declines the question in all its forms, in a great bath of images and sounds where comics, illustration, animation and pop music from all over the world meet.
Six years that the festival exhorts us to relearn how to love.

Openness to the world, plural loves, inclusion, hospitality, sexual diversity, respect for the environment ... Love as resistance to the prevailing order. Love as an inventory of solutions to nourish our imagination.

"The only way out is love. "
(Gilles Boeuf, discussion with Ludovic Debeurme, How to Love # 5)

Six days of concerts, clubs, meetings, games, workshops, performances, book presentations, to reveal the mysteries of love and the disorders of the genre, six different atmospheres as many attempts to answer the question, "How to Love ".

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>>> 00h00> 06h00 / Concert Hall / 12 € in early bird, 16 € in presale *, TR, inhabitants of the 13th


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