How To Love #6 : Comme Nous Brûlons x Corp.

16 Feb 2019 23:59
→ 17 Feb 2019 06:00
Petit Bain, AMS, Comme Nous Brûlons, How To Love
Petit Bain
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The feminist festival "Comme Nous Brûlons" (twenty sisters, including the collectives of the Stupid Brigade, Retard Magazine, and Loves Alternatives) joins the Romanian activist group "CORP" (Admina, Beatrice Sommer, Chlorys and Cosima Von Bülove) who is working on opening a studio in Bucharest. The latter will provide identified women with the space and time needed to develop their artistic projects by collaborating with each other.

Their common goal? Giving cross-border visibility to trans and queer artists and women in the so-called "alternative" scene that is still too masculine, white and standardized.

As part of the France-Romania 2019 Season


► Sentimental Rave

► Marie at night

► Catherine Rincée

► Black Ubu aka Nastasia for Music Herstory

► Admina

► Chlorys

► Cosima Opartan
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► Beatrice Sommer
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► As We Burn
Multidisciplinary feminist festival, set up in 2016 to unite several groups and sisters, As Nous Brûlons part each year in search of unpublished lives, video bombs, radical projections and workshops / conferences to give a space for creativity and creativity. expression to women, trans and queers too often in the shadows

► Corp.

► France-Romania 2019 season
From November 27, 2018 to July 14, 2019, hundreds of events will celebrate the friendship between France and Romania.

Illustration: Anna Wanda Gogusey


How to Love?

There are six editions that Petit Bain declines the question in all its forms, in a great bath of images and sounds where comics, illustration, animation and pop music from all over the world meet.
Six years that the festival exhorts us to relearn how to love.

Openness to the world, plural loves, inclusion, hospitality, sexual diversity, respect for the environment ... Love as resistance to the prevailing order. Love as an inventory of solutions to nourish our imagination.

"The only way out is love. "
(Gilles Boeuf, discussion with Ludovic Debeurme, How to Love # 5)

Six days of concerts, clubs, meetings, games, workshops, performances, book presentations, to reveal the mysteries of love and the disorders of the genre, six different atmospheres as many attempts to answer the question, "How to Love ".

►All festival programming:


>>> 00h00> 06h00 / Concert Hall / 8 € in early bird, 10 € in presale *, 14 € on site, TR, inhabitants of the 13th


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►Dishes & Tapas menu.
► ♡ HAPPY HOUR ♡ - 18h - 20h30

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