Humhum party [interdit aux mineur.e.s]

5 May 2019 19:00
→ 6 May 2019 01:00
Porn Yourself Festival, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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Well then the conditions of use of this site do not allow us to share this event because there is mention of "hum hum", popotin and "crac crac". So we modified it with subtle innuendo.


Come and share a little human warmth in the wet corners of HUM HUM Mutiny or under the benevolent look (and a little voyeur, let's be honest) of the crowd.
HUE, CRAC CRAC, TRICKS IN MACHINES, latex and more if affinities ...

Cut your nails, shine your harness and call your girlfriends, it's BOUM BOUM time!

💦 The Mutiny will be set up to create several dark spaces and dark corners.
💦 HUMHUMparty mixed choice without guys cis
💦 The entry is at free price (you give what you want / can).
💦 The QUEEN BAGARRE💥 FEDERATION invites you into the ring for a non-mixed wrestling session. Beginners welcome. Appointment at 19h!
💦 Prevention stand kindly offered by the association Fières


⚡ You are responsible for yourself and your own limits, as well as ensuring that alcohol or prods do not alter (too much) your awareness of events. If you consume a product that alters your behavior, your awareness and your responsiveness to pain, inform your partner (s) to avoid misunderstandings and personal limits.

⚡ Free to do what you want with your body, but be careful not to touch other participants without their permission. Thank you also for respecting the identities, choices and behaviors of your playmates as you would like them to respect yours.

⚡ If you witness a worrying situation (heavy attitude of a participant, seemingly non-consensual report ...), thank you for intervening or immediately informing a member of the organization of the evening . It is our responsibility to make this space safer and benevolent.

⚡ We take care to guarantee the absence of a cis guy inside the Mutiny, all the time of the HUM HUM party. If you see someone and you have a doubt, that you think that this person is a cis guy, do not ask him to be accountable but come see the staff at the entrance.
By going to speak directly to the person you would take the risk to make feel bad and illegitimate a person who nevertheless must be able to take advantage of the event fully, a trans person for example. This is a very important rule and if it is not respected, it can lead to an exclusion of Mutiny for the rest of the evening.

⚡ The photos / recordings are obviously prohibited, so it would lead to an immediate exclusion of the Mutiny for the rest of the evening.

⚡ The toilets have one purpose, one, and - surprise! - it's not about cracking in it.

⚡ No fights or jealousy in playgrounds (yes, yes, we know you).

⚡ What happens at the Mutiny remains at the Mutiny, thank you for being discreet-on who you have possibly crossed and what you've seen it do.