I can't get no slip #15 ★ 5 ans (pardon)

26 Apr 2019 23:00
→ 27 Apr 2019 06:00
Pardon, Sissi Cocotte, Guigui Gugu, Alan Aaron, Panty Party
114 rue d'Oberkampf - Paris
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"Whether you are naked or not under your falzar,
You will not come to NO SLIP by chance anymore. "

15th teuf !!

5 years! SaperSLIPpopette!

5 years since our 1st CAN NOT GET NO SLIP at Café Leopard!
Nice little way made thanks to you friends, our guests of love, our guests,
with Guigui gugu we are all moved!
To celebrate, we have prepared a party in the state of mind that animates us from the beginning:
friends, dating, love, madness and underpants!

It inspired us a lot, with Sissi's puns and we adjusted slogans all more cheeky than each other:

"To the impossible, nobody is naked" (thanks Tristan)
"There is no point in running, you have to go to hairs"
"A tight ass deserves his due"
"Take off your pants I'm the pilot"
"Slip or underpants go on shout my name!"

For the occasion, the Pardon will welcome us for an all-night format! from 23h to 06h ...

Beginning of hostilities at 23h with two dj buddies and organizers of humble small games, well known for their sets and their activism in the night of Paris!
Our two happy love birds:

The lay-up of the line-up:

Sissi Cocotte (Tigresses / No Slip)

Sissi Cocotte started to mix in 2011 thanks to Maxime IKO (Bpitch), resident Dj and Orga of the Parisian Soirées Queer, Cockorico and Le Bal con. She is also an old-fashioned hen with a sharp, rich musical selection that cleverly draws her inspirations from Chloé, Steffi, TINI, Portable, Remain, Cardini, Red Axes, Solomun and many others.
She has already played alongside CHLOE, DEMIAN, LENA WILLIKENS, ECLAIR FIFI, DJEBALI and Matias AGUAYO. It will offer for the occasion a delicious electro mix, such a sweet and beautiful blackness that appeases you in depth.

Colonel Fabien (OTTO10 / Free Wheel)

Militant under the water-ass-passion. Colonel Fabien is known to have been, during the occupation under the Third Guettaich, the author of the first revolt against a club bouncer in Paris. Since then, it has been seen among the Hurluberlus of OTTO10, the Autonomous Free Wheel Afterwards, and here and there at 824h and at the Urban Spree. Inspired by Rhadoo, Zip and Koze, his style is hypnotic, hovering and voluntarily barred. An entire program !

Guigui Gugu (EZE / No Slip)

Self-taught turntables, Guillaume follows a path that is not quite drawn. We always find it where we do not expect it. Some have even seen him play in fashion shows or after in squats! Influenced by artists / labels as different as Nein Records, Acid Pauli or Stephane Bodzin, which foot will make you dance?

Alan Aaron (E-Klozin '/ Point Breakers)

(Hyper) active member of the underground electronic scene, is a multi-faceted artist (like the chicken) with eclectic and dynamic selections.
Artistic Director of the E-KLOZiN 'events (events on a human scale in unusual places), he expresses his creativity in several fields: music, photography and board sports.
Also member of the collective Point Breakers, he multiplies the appearances with large international sizes: Norman Nodge, Pfirter, Lucy, Klaudia Gawlas, to which Kenny Larkin, S3A, Anja Schneider, Worakls, etc. are added.
A complete artist that we can not wait to find to celebrate our anniversary with or without underpants!

And for "celleux" who wish to give underpants or any other underwear, the formidable asso Panty Party will be present to collect NEW underwear:

Generally, when we think of donating to a person in need, our first reflex is to offer our old Christmas sweater or pants too tight so that we still have a chance to get into it. Although this is a nice gesture, these people need more intimate items. New briefs, leggings, bras, strings ... These are essential products for self-esteem. Through cultural events, we wish to respond to this need and break the taboo surrounding privacy.

We are hot boiling !!!!!


Night Bar - 114 rue Oberkampf
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