IN MY HOUSE 90s and dance !

5 Jan 2019 22:00
→ 6 Jan 2019 06:00
Bear bar El Hombre
Bear bar El Hombre
15 rue de la reynie - Paris
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After the success of the Halloween 90s house & dance party with DJ BEN, we are launching the IN MY HOUSE 90s and dance! 🍾🍾🍾

Admission is free and the team super cool 👍


Every 1st Saturday of the month Olivier du bar El Hombre and DJ Ben offer you to listen to the tracks that drive us crazy, which remind us:

➡️ a guy, a perfume, a white tank top, a white or gray ribbed tee shirt ... ❤️❤️

➡️ The podiums of acropol, Queen, Scorpion ... our boxes of teenagers or the tea dance of the Palace ...

Come back in time with us for one night! 🕧🕦🕥🕤🔙🔙

Invite everyone you know who came out in the 90s, I think they will love you!

Remember, in the 90s, no application of meetings, 📻 gay classifieds on FG and MOON OF FIEL future generation, the Minitel, audiotels, ☎️the telephone networks ... and of course the gay parties ... 💽

What humanity, what connection, what friendliness we had ... we danced alone at 2.3 or 4 too good:) 💃🏻👬👭👨👨👦👦👩👩👦👦👨❤️💋 👨👩❤️👩

What music so captivating, so catchy put us so in trans? 🤪🤪🤪🤪

That of the beginnings of the house and the Dance ... 🎶🎵🎵🎵🎶

From Technotronic to Black Box via Culture Beat or Rozalla ... we knew all the titles by heart ...
Side 90s House, who does not know the nightcrawlers, Positive education ... Deep inside deep deep do not stop ... I like to move it? we miss it! 😝

The evening is open to everyone and admission is free!

We are waiting for you and thank you for the positive energy of the last !!! 😙😍🥰