In Queer We Trust - Marseille

13 Mar 2020 22:00
In Queer We Trust
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#InQueerWeTrust, the Queer & LGBTIA party to claim and celebrate the freedom to be and to love

Friday, March 13, 2020,
22: 00- ??
Marseille, secret place

Free price (recommended: 10 € -20 €)
#Earlybirds = your entry price converted to drink tickets

Line up (coming soon): #techno #electro #pop #house

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More information :

- Tickets solidarity (buy an entry for you and offers in one for someone.e who can not afford it)
- Inclusive and secure environment, no form of discrimination is tolerated.
- Room (s) of rest without social interaction and / or cigarettes and / or music and / or light, etc.
- Darkroom (s)
- Vegan food stand (free price with minimum)
- Accessibility: everything will be done so that the place of celebration is 100% accessible. Free admission for people with disabilities. Important: send us a message (, to be informed of the modalities of access or to tell us about special needs.

[Free price]

Why a free prize? Because everyone does not have the same standard of living and it is not up to us to judge for you. We think everyone can decide how much they want and can contribute to the party!

[Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy for Respect for Self and Others]

• Please read carefully 🙏😊

• The party venue is a "safe place" where no form of racism, discrimination or harassment is tolerated. Here (and elsewhere) we radically reject any behavior (also felt as) aggressive, disrespectful, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, grossophobic, misogynist, putophobic, validist, etc. Any form of verbal or physical aggression noted, felt or reported will result in an immediate and permanent expulsion of the place. Kisses !

• Anyone is welcome and can enter the party venue regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, skin color, "race", age, dress style, corpulent figure or other .

• Forget norms and social criticism, forget your parents and your teachers, come as you are: plural, crazy and crazy, free, but above all respectful of others. Women, trans, of whatever ethnicity you are & all the others, everyone is welcome to be equal. The staff of the place protects you. Be equally attentive to others.

• The consent of others is unavoidable. "No means no" and "only a clear and lucid" yes "means yes. This rule is valid in terms of sex, drugs but also when it is "only a photo / video". That is why, so that no one is bothered by phone screens or is found on an unwanted photo and for you to enjoy a max of the evening, the cameras of the phones will be blocked by a sticker at the Entrance.

• If you are subjected to any form of aggression or bothered by the behavior of another person, please inform a member of the organization immediately (including the barristas). Help will be provided.

• If these rules seem unclear to you, please read the following document which explains in image the behavior to adopt and the things not to do: (page under construction)

Thank you for reading this important part so that the party is in full swing and successful for everyone and everyone else. 🙏😊🦋

[Drugs, Sex & Risk Reductions]

Illegal drugs are prohibited by law, so everyone is responsible for their own choices at the party venue. Nevertheless, we believe in pleasure, personal responsibility, respect for others and the reduction of risks related to sex and drugs. Condoms, rolls, documentation and much more help will be provided at the party venue. Be safe, take care of yourself and others!


To join the Orga team, send an email to with first name, phone number, e-mail and how you want to contribute.

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