Invitation - Palmarès du PRIX DU ROMAN GAY 2019

9 Nov 2019 18:30
→ 9 Nov 2019 23:30
Editions Du Frigo, Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF, Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche, Salon du Livre Gay de Paris, Prix Du Roman Gay, Verte Fontaine
Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF
63 rue Beaubourg - Paris
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Les Éditions Du Frigo, The LGBT Center Paris-ÎdF, The MAC Liège, The Bookshop "Les Mots à la Bouche", The Salon Du Livre Gay Paris and The Association Verte Fontaine are kindly asking you to attend


In the presence of authors, publishers, journalists, booksellers, members of the jury, readers ...

The "ceremony" will be followed by meetings, signature sessions and an aperitif.

Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 18:30
LGBT Center Paris-ÎdF
63 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

The ROMAN GAY PRIZE was created in 2013 at the initiative of Éditions Du Frigo. It is a question of rewarding novels (already published and diffused) of original French language and belonging to a literature of male homosexual inspiration.

Since 2015, this literary prize is open to all French-speaking or partly French-speaking countries.
Since 2017, stories and collections of short stories or poems can participate.
Since 2019, biographies, autobiographies and essays.

The Prix Du Roman Gay is not meant to be ghettoized, the fame, gender and sexual orientation of the authors are obviously not taken into account, writers above all.

The well-known Publishers participate, but also the self-published authors, in partnership with publishers / printers or small independent or even alternative publishers, this competition being above all an initiative aiming at promoting their VISIBILITY, of even a coexistence of solidarity, multiple and connected, a way to fight against homophobia.

The jury (in France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland for the moment) is composed of writers, critics, bloggers, bloggers, readers, booksellers and publishers ... LGBT or not.

The gay theme (in filigree or at the center of the work, a story - or stories because stories and collections of poetry or news can participate - staging homosexual characters, whether or not assumed, in research or in the making whether they live or not their sexuality, first or second roles, endearing or unbearable, fictitious companions, such as the meetings we do or would like to do in life ...) is certainly the selection criterion but it is the qualities literary people who are rewarded.

In previous editions the Gay Novel Prize has been awarded ...

in 2013 at "Mimi" by Sébastien Marnier (Éditions Fayard),
Dust of Man by David Lelait-Helo (Éditions Anne-Carrière) and the authors: Hicham Tahir, Didier Malaire, Lily S. Mist, Ji Ro,

in 2014 "As long as I'm alive" by Olivier Charneux (Éditions Grasset), Guy Torrens' "Les saisons de l'après" and Bowen Moon,

in 2015 at "Rainbow Warriors" by Ayerdhal (Au Diable Vauvert Publishing), with the authors: Hicham Tahir, Jaffar, Bernard Hennebert and Sébastien Monod for all of his work,

in 2016 to "I'm alive and you can not hear me" by Daniel Arsand at Actes Sud and "An Angel for Summer" by Michel Bellin, to the authors: Louis Arjaillès, Jonathan Gillot, Hervé Latapie, and HigorJika aka Loïc the Doeuff for all of his work,

in 2017 at "Twenty Three Zero Five" by Didier Malhaire (Éditions Du Chameau), "Les vestiges d'Alice" by Marc Kiska (Éditions Tabou), "The Battle of the Flies" by Michel Lecorre (Éditions Unicité), " The new Messiah "by François Harray (Éditions Traverse)," Liberté ... Liberté darling "by Marcel Lourel (Éditions ExAequo) and Denis-Martin Chabot for all of his work,

in 2018 to Arthur Cahn for "Les vacances du petit Renard" at Éditions Du Seuil and "L'île du Lundi" by Philippe Collas and Eric villedary at Éditions French Pulp (Special Mention of the Jury), "My father, my mother and Sheila "From Eric Romand to Éditions Stock (Coup de coeur)," Loin de Douala "by Max Lobe to Éditions Zoé (Coup de cœur)," Our Parallel Years "by Stéphane Corbin (Prix Découverte)," Journal of a black dress "by HV Gavriel at Milady Editions and Thomas Andrew's" Heart of Target "(2018 Gay Romance Award). Prize of the short gay novel: "A world tour for the Refuge" published by Textes Gais and NM MASS (Award of Honor for all of his work).

in 2019 at ... ???

For this seventh edition of the PRIX DU ROMAN GAY, the number of books proposed (more than 160!), The quality of the titles in the first selection (80, all visible on ) and second (40 nominated), as well as the opening to new literary genres, have imposed the creation of complementary rewards or even doubling them (tied).
For the members of the jury (which must be greatly thanked here), the choices were difficult and much debated. BRAVO so to all!

Note that "the ceremony of the prize list of the ROMAN GAY 2019" will take place at the end of the PARIS GAY LIVING SHOW that will be held the same day Saturday, November 9 between 10am and 18h at the Mairie of the 4th district of PARIS , close to the LGBT Center Paris-ÎdF 63 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris ...
not far from the OTHER BOOK SHOW which will take place at the ESPACE des BLANCS MANTEAUX on November 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2019.