Italo disco from around the world

11 May 2019 23:00
→ 12 May 2019 06:00
Around The World, Dis'Collection, à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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After the first episode on January 26th, Around The World and Dis'Collection set the stage with an evening devoted this time to the transalpine little sister of disco: italo-disco! But, despite its name, the italo-disco is far, far from being Italian: for the occasion we have invited two of its most prominent current representatives.

🚀 Fabrizio Mammarella 🚀
Originally from Milan, this dj, remixer and prolific producer signs a music halfway between synths made in 80's and more contemporary electro and house rhythms. He multiplies the projects with other artists: the Roman Rodion or the German Philip Lauer. Mammarella is the music of turfu with arpeggios that slam Moroder way on a swaying disco rhythm. Guaranteed travel.

🛸 Kid Machine 🛸
His real name Mark Wilkinson, this pure Mancunian juice is a current figure of the "Manctalo": the Italo Manchester. His music is a UFO, literally and figuratively: Kid Machine is the space italo specialist, slow and majestic, straight out of the 80's sci-fi, somewhere between two galaxies where aliens rub shoulders with poor human vessels lost. For the occasion, he will present a cosmic live for all those who dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Warning, asteroid rain in sight!

It's primarily a group of four friends driven by the same passion for music from around the world. Bahia, Robin Jo and Thomas operate with a clever blend of sweetness and energy. These explorers of groove and hot and spellbinding rhythms will embark on a musical world tour with their eclectic and solar selections.

Dis'Collection offers you to share their collection of records, to make you travel across countries and times. No limit of style, they play what they like and they like a lot of things.

to the madness paris
26 avenue Corentin Cariou / Paris 19
(At the entrance to La Villette Park, Cité des Sciences side)
Metro + Tram: Porte de la Villette, Corentin Cariou

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