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16 Sep 2019 21:25
→ 16 Sep 2019 22:30
Fréd Brulé Attend
Théâtre Le Bout
6, rue Frochot - Paris
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Following the buzz of France's first one-man naturist show, Fréd Brulé recaps with a queer show.

Born in Paris XIII, before the arrival of the Chinese.es, Fréd is a French.e pure strain, of an island mother and a Toubab father, exotic but Gaulish.

However, Fréd escapes from the body of the other as a substitute for an identity crisis.

It is by accepting his own body and assuming his historical heritage that Fred will come to respect himself and others.

To enter the universe of Fred is to accompany him on the initiatory path of love.

Author: Fred Brûlé
Artist: Fred Brûlé
Director: Cécile Dereepre

Language: French

Duration: 60 minutes or 01:00

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