JJ - Mai Gay

16 May 2019 23:59
→ 17 May 2019 05:00
Seven Ultra Omni, JJ, DJ Babybear - Paris, Ixpé, DJ André, Crame, BAKA BAKQA, Reno Le dj, La Java, Air-One
La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris
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Thursday: Java: JJ
Every Thursday, JJ hosts the mid-week night owls in La Java. JJ loves the party and everyone likes to follow JJ until morning.

In May, JJ does what he likes: usually very versatile, this time it's gay only on the decks. This is the "Gay May".
JJ recalls that some of the recognized pioneers of club culture and electronic DJing are multi-minority DJs including the gay minority: David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Guy Cuevas, and many others. . Who are their heirs in today's Paris? Crame, the artistic director of JJ, has brought together fifteen DJs to animate these five Thursdays of the month, fifteen personalities who actively participate in the vitality, richness and diversity of the Parisian club scene, whatever the gender / sexuality label and whatever the musical genre. From Maxime Iko, Ellen Allien's protégé, to DJ André, who is said to have brought the house garage to Paris. From Nizar, resident of Flash Cocotte Institution, in Epidurale, newcomer on the techno and hardcore scene. From Seven Ultra Omni, pillar of the European ballroom scene, to Babybear of the muscular Menergy.

Thursday 2nd of May
AUBRY (Forgive Us), Ixpe (Discoquette), Jean Remi (Gang Bambi)

Thursday 9 May
Amina, DJ André (Mona), NIZAR (Flash Cocotte, Trou aux Biches)

Thursday, May 16th
Reno The dj (Cuckoo), Seven Omni Ultra (House of Ultra Omni), San Thy (Rosa Bonheur, Favela Chic)

Thursday, May 23
DJ Babybear - Paris (Menergy), BAKA BAKQA (Night taste), Mauro Feola (Riot, Berlin)

Thursday, May 30
AIR-ONE, Maxime Iko (BPitch Control), Peridural (Landfill)

JJ portrait by Fredster
graphic by House TABLE

Practical information :
JJ - Gay May
Thursday May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30
0h-5h, 6 €
Bar sweet price up to 2h

Partners: Manifesto XXI, Heeboo, Friction Magazine, Trax Magazine, TSUGI,