Je Dis Art /// Nicolas Maalouly

3 Oct 2019 19:00
→ 3 Oct 2019 23:00
15 rue des archives - Paris
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Every first Thursday of the month, the Cox in partnership with P-Arty invites a visual artist to express himself live on its walls to create a new and ephemeral work.

This second edition will welcome NICOLAS MAALOULY, his training as an architect must be for something in his artistic obsessions, the grid, the rectangular pattern, the number of gold, the repetition ... with the will to tell the infinite.

Posters, images, maps ... Materials that he cuts, folds, tears, rework combines, fortuitously to form works without beginning or end, only one and the same painting. Each canvas becomes a window open on another canvas, in a repetitive and infinite way.

Through what he calls "controlled randomness" his work tells the story of time, the time spent recomposing pieces, bits and pieces of information, to systematically form a unit, a whole

This mosaic of forms, words, signs gives a result between the object found and the manufactured object, between painting and collage.

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I DIS ART, a new rendezvous at Cox!
In partnership with P-Arty

I DIS ART NICOLAS MAALOULY live on the walls of the Cox
THURSDAY 3 OCTOBER 2019 From 19h
COX 15 rue des Archives 75004 Paris